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Bonanza episode
“A Darker Shadow”
Season 11, Episode 10
#343 in Series
Air date Novemberr 23, 1969
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Guest starring:
Written by John Hawkins, Jonathan Knopf
Directed by Don Richardson
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Joe's friend Wade has a tumor which slowly, but surely begins to cause him to lose his sight. Complicating the situation even more, is Wade's co-worker Clyde, who frames him for stealing money from their workplace.


Wade and Sarah are engaged to be married. Wade even gets a promotion from his boss. Unfortunately, he begins to develop an extreme sensitivity to bright light, which causes him some pain and anger. Clyde notices this, and uses it to his advantage, taking $5,000 dollars and framing Wade for the crime. Wade goes to a doctor who reveals the he has a tumor and needs surgery, but Wade declines and leaves town after breaking up with Sarah. Joe chases after him and, promising to help, convinces him to return to town and to the love of his life. Clyde, however, shoots Joe and then tries to kill Wade, but fails. He and Sarah get back together and all is well.

Cast and Characters[]

The Cartwright :[]


Guest Starring:[]

  • Gregory Walcott: Wade Turner
  • Sandra Smith: Sarah
  • Dabney Coleman: Clyde



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