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Bonanza episode
“A Home for Jamie”
Season 13, Episode 13
#402 in Series
Air date December 19, 1971
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by Jean Holloway
Directed by Leo Penn
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Ben begins the process to adopt Jamie as his son, but the process is complicated when Jamie's maternal grandfather, Paris Callahan, comes forward wanting custody. Ben must bear the heartbreaking news to Callahan that Jamie has bonded with the Cartwright family.


Ben is ready to legally adopt Jamie as his son. His plans appear to be dashed with the arrival of Ferris Callahan, Jamie's grandfather from Boston, who wants to bring the young man back with him. Moving moments featuring Ben and Jamie are included from episodes A Matter of Faith and The Grand Swing.

Cast and Characters[]

The Cartwrights[]


Guest Stars[]

  • Will Geer: Ferris Callaghan
  • Ford Rainey: Judge Taylor
  • Robert Carradine: Phinney McLean
  • Robert Karnes: Jess McLean
  • Phyllis Love: Miss Griggs


  • German episode title: "Jamie entscheidet sich", meaning "Jamie Makes a Choice".
  • This episode would be somewhat re-worked into Little House on the Prairie's episode Uncle Jed where an elderly relative of Charles Ingalls' adopted son and daughter sues for custody.
  • Flashback footage from the episodes A Matter of Faith and The Grand Swing were used during this episode.
  • This is the second time Will Geer played Mitch Vogel's grandfather. They previously starred together in the 1969 film The Reivers.

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