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Bonanza episode
“A Question of Strength”
Season 5, Episode 6
#140 in Series
Air date October 27, 1963
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by Frank Cleaver
Directed by Don McDougall
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Hoss shares a stagecoach with two nuns. When the stage is held up, young Sister Mary Kathleen quickly hands over the money they'd collected for a hospital. Older Mother Veronica is displeased and tells the young woman she doesn't have what it takes for the Sisterhood. To prove her wrong, Sister Mary Kathleen goes to get the money back, with Hoss adding protection.


On business for Ben, Hoss takes the stagecoach to Denver. He joins two nuns in the same coach. Bandits attack the stage, which overturns, killing the driver and leaving the passengers at the mercy of the bandits. They rob Hoss and the nuns, who must trek their way on foot to the next way station.

There, they are surprised to find one of the robbers, badly wounded. Hoss finds that both of the nuns show a special kind of strength with the robber in their power.

Cast and Characters[]

The Cartwrights


  • Ilka Windish: Mother Veronica
  • I. Stanford Jolley: Sam Hostler
  • James Jeter: Wilson
  • John Kellogg: Stager
  • Judy Carne: Sister Mary Kathleen
  • Raymond Guth: Toby


Did you know?[]

  • German episode title: "Hoss und die Nonnen", meaning "Hoss and the Nuns".




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