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Bonanza episode
“A Visit to Upright”
Season 13, Episode 25
#414 in Series
Air date March 26, 1972
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by Joseph Bonaduce
Directed by William Wiard
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Ben's ability to close a livestock contract with a widow who's part of the temperance movement hinges on the sale of a dilapidated saloon in Upright. The Cartwright "boys" decide to hold on to the dive after the town drunk insists there's a fortune hidden somewhere in the building.


Ben's ability to close a lucrative cattle purchase with a picky livestock heiress hinges on Hoss' and Joe's ability to sell a dilapidated saloon they were duped into buying. However, the Cartwright brothers are convinced that the shanty of a saloon contains a valuable painting.

Cast and Characters[]


  • Alan Oppenheimer: Darius Dalrymple
  • Loretta Swit: Ellen Sue Greely
  • Harry Hickox: Mr Turner
  • Stuart Nisbit: Sheriff
  • James Rawley: Telegraph Operator
  • Beverly Reed: Dance Hall Girl
  • Anne Seymour: Miss Frost
  • Dan Tobin: Blackely
  • Ernest Sarracino: Frenchy
  • Fran Ryan: Widow Lucas
  • Richard Stahl: Snedaker


  • When this episode first aired, Loretta Swit was just months away from stardom with her signature role as Hot Lips Houligan on M*A*S*H.
  • German episode title: "Der Schatz im Saloon", meaning "The Treasure in the Saloon".


Jamie: (to Hoss, regarding the nude painting) Well, I was just wondering...Uh, why is it that I couldn't look at the naked lady when she was just a naked lady, and now all of a sudden, I can because she's a great work of art.

Hoss: Now, ah, that's simple Jamie, because, you see, it's...with a...uh...Hey Joe, explain that!

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