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Alice Cartwright
Alice Harper
Biographical information
Full Name: Alice Harper Cartwright
Occupation: Housewife
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: American
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Born: 1840s
Died: 1870s
Family/Relatives: John Harper (Brother)

Joseph Cartwright (husband)
Ben Cartwright (father-in-law)
Marie Cartwright† (mother-in-law)
Adam Cartwright (brother-in-law)
Hoss Cartwright (brother-in-law)

Spouse Joseph Cartwright
Romances/Domestic Partners:
Appeared on:
First Episode: Forever
Last Episode: Forever
Portrayed by: Bonnie Bedelia

Early life[]

Little is known about Alice Harper's early life, all we know is she has a brother called John. 

Personal life[]

Alice met and married Joseph Cartwright, planning to live on the Ponderosa on what land Ben Cartwright had given them. Alice becomes pregnant but died tragically at the hands of Mr. Hanley, a henchman of a man named Sloan, who wants money from Alice's brother John. Mr. Hanley brutally beats her and covers up her death by setting fire to her home.