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Bonanza episode
“Any Friend of Walter's”
Season 4, Episode 26
#126 in Series
Bonanza2 8
Air date March 24, 1963
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by Lois Hire
Directed by John Florea
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On a trip to visit a local owner's new bull, Hoss stays in a run-down shanty that's home to an old prospector, Obie. His supposedly genius dog, Walter, doesn't react when three none-too-bright robbers come calling. They're there to steal the fortune in gold they think Obie has stashed away.


Three outlaws lay siege to an aged prospector's shack, hoping to steal the old man's gold. Hoss happens along and, attacked by the outlaws, takes shelter in the shack. There he meets the prospector and Walter. Walter, Hoss learns, is the prospector's dog, seemingly almost as old as the prospector, and endowed with special talents for convincing the old prospector that Walter is as animated and talkative as the prospector himself. Faced with what seems to be ongoing and very silent slumber from Walter, Hoss is mystified.

Meanwhile, two of the three outlaws repeatedly renew an ongoing brawl between themselves. The third outlaw, their leader, tries to get them to patch up their differences and keep their minds on the gold.

As often as they stop quarreling though, the two manage to find a pretext to forget about the gold and start tussling with one another once again. Hoss is left with the challenge of finding a way, along with the old prospector and with Walter, to vanquish the three feckless outlaws attempting to bumble their way into possession of the gold in the shack.

Cast and Characters[]

The Cartwrights


  • Arthur Hunnicutt: Obie
  • James Luisi: Willard
  • Steve Brodie: Macie
  • Vic Werber: Teague


  • Katherine Barrett: Bessie Sue Hightower
  • Robert Foulk: Sheriff


Did you know?[]

  • German episode title: "Auf Walter ist Verlaß", meaning "You Can Rely on Walter".


  • When Obie and Hoss are playing checkers in Obie's cabin; during a multiple jump being made by Obie, his final jump is going backwards on the board. Checkers that haven't been "King'd" can only move forward. Hoss would have known that.
  • The sheriff is actually a deputy sheriff as indicated on his badge.





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