Bonanza Wiki

Candy Canaday


Season 9

Sense of Duty

Judgment at Olympus

Night of Reckoning

False Witness

Desperate Passage

10 Showdown at Tahoe

12 Check Rein

15 The Trackers

16 A Girl Named George

18 The Burning Sky

19 The Price of Salt

21 The Crime of Johnny Mule

22 The Late Ben Cartwright

23 Star Crossed

24 Trouble Town

25 Commitment at Angelus

28 To Die in Darkness

29 The Bottle Fighter

30 The Arrival of Eddie

31 The Stronghold

32 Pride of a Man

Season 10

Different Pines, Same Wind


Salute to Yesterday

The Real People of Muddy Creek

The Passing of a King

The Last Vote

Catch as Catch Can

Little Girl Lost

The Survivors

10 The Sound of Drums

11 Queen High

12 Yonder Man

13 Mark of Guilt

14 A World Full of Cannibals

16 My Friend, My Enemy

17 Mrs. Wharton and the Lesser Breeds

18 Erin

19 Company of Forgotten Men

20 The Clarion

22 Five Candles

23 The Wish

24 The Deserter

25 Emily

26 The Running Man

27 The Unwanted

28 Speak No Evil

Season 11

Another Windmill to Go

The Witness

The Silence at Stillwater

A Lawman's Lot Is Not a Happy One

Anatomy of a Lynching

To Stop a War

The Medal

The Stalker


10 A Darker Shadow

11 Dead Wrong

12 Old Friends

13 Abner Willoughby's Return

14 It's a Small World

15 Danger Road

16 The Big Jackpot

17 The Trouble with Amy

18 The Lady and the Mark

19 Is There Any Man Here?

20 The Law and Billy Burgess

21 Long Way to Ogden

22 Return Engagement

23 The Gold Mine

24 Decision at Los Robles

25 Caution, Easter Bunny Crossing

26 The Horse Traders

27 What Are Pardners For?

28 A Matter of Circumstance

Season 12

27 Kingdom of Fear

Season 13

Season 14

1 Forever

2 Heritage of Anger

3 The Initiation

4 Riot

5 New Man

7 The Twenty-Sixth Grave

8 Stallion

9 The Hidden Enemy

10 The Sound of Sadness

11 The Bucket Dog

14 The Witness

15 The Marriage of Theodora Duffy

16 The Hunter