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Bonanza episode
“Bank Run”
Season 2, Episode 19
#51 in Series
Normal BR-JH2
Air date January 28, 1961
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by N. B. Stone Jr.
Directed by Robert Altman
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Hoss and Joe rob a bank for altruistic reasons and are pursued by the law.


Adam and Ben leave the Ponderosa for a few days on business. Ben decides to show Joe his confidence in him by putting Joe in charge while he is gone. Adam isn’t convinced this is a good idea. After Ben and Adam leave, the power of being in charge goes to Joe’s head. He begins ordering Hoss around, assigning many extra chores. Hoss is none too happy with the situation.

Joe and Hoss travel to Virginia City and learn that Virginia City's banker, Harrison, is instigating a fake panic on the bank so he can foreclose on a mining operation and make some quick money. Harrison also has his eye on the Ponderosa, unbeknown to the Cartwrights. Joe and Hoss try to convince an old miner to move his money to another bank, but he won’t budge. They know he stands to lose his fortune if the bank closes.

To thwart Harrison’s plan, Joe and Hoss "rob" the bank to keep the depositors from getting the shaft. Having not thought the plan all the way through, the two Cartwrights find themselves wanted men. They have only taken bank drafts, no cash, and high-tailed it to another bank to cash the drafts. They intend to take the money back to Virginia City.

Unfortunately, Joe and Hoss are wanted for bank robbery since they took off without telling anyone what they were doing. Ben and Adam return from their trip to see wanted posters of his two sons plastered all over town. They head straight to Sheriff Coffee to find out what happened.

Joe and Hoss bed down for the night out on the trail, only to be robbed of the cash by the bank manager and assistant. Joe and Hoss have to work hard to recoup the stolen money and get back in their pa’s good graces.


The Cartwrights



  • Mikey Finn: Frank
  • Arnold Merritt: Harrison's Advisor
  • Betty Endicott: Brunette Townswoman
  • Bruno VeSota: Townsman
  • Carl Milletaire: Mr. Miller
  • Cosmo Sardo: Bartender
  • Dan Tobin: Finch
  • Howard Wendell: Harrison's Advisor
  • Ian Wolfe: John J. Harrison
  • Martha Manor: Blonde Townswoman
  • Owen Bush: J.R. Huggins
  • Wynn Pearce: Mr. Johnson


Did you know?[]

  • German episode title: "Der Banküberfall", meaning "Bank Robbery".




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