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Bonanza episode
“Between Heaven and Earth”
Season 6, Episode 9
#177 in Series
Air date November 15, 1964
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by Ed Adamson
Directed by William Witney
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When Joe and his friend Mitch go after a puma, Joe climbs a big peak and throws his gun up higher, intending to crawl up after it. But as he looks down, things begin to spin. He realizes he can't go any higher, and he retreats down the hill. Needing to prove himself, Joe spars against Mitch.


Little Joe and his friend Mitch chase a sheep-killing puma into a canyon and Joe climbs a steep slope to get a better look at the terrain. When he slips, dropping his rifle into a rock crevice, Joe is suddenly paralyzed with fear. Mitch calls to him and Joe manages to climb down, but without his rifle.

Ashamed, Joe tells no one of his experience and when his attempts to retrieve his rifle fail in panic, Joe's pent-up frustration causes him to behave recklessly. Ben knows something is wrong and confronts his youngest son. Will Joe reveal his secret and let his father give him the help he desperately needs?

Cast and Characters[]

The Cartwrights[]


  • Bob Miles: Les
  • Cosmo Sardo: Bartender
  • Martha Manor: Blonde Saloon Girl
  • Richard Jaeckel: Mitch Devlin
  • Robert Biheller: Ken


Did you know?[]

  • German episode title: "Little Joes Sieg", meaning "Little Joe's Victory".




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