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Bonanza: The Next Generation is an American television movie. It appeared in 1988 and is the first of the three movie sequels to the Bonanza TV series.


None of the original Cartwrights appear, but some of their children. Ben and Hoss have died. Little Joe went to the army and is currently missing, and Adam is no longer living on the Ponderosa. Aaron, Ben's brother, is now in charge of the ranch, and Annie, Little Joe's wife, also lives there. Ranch foreman is Charlie Poke, a man a man who owes his life to Ben Cartwright, cook is Mr. Mack. Benjamin 'Benj' Cartwright, son of Little Joe and Annie, has just come back from the East, and also Hoss' son Josh Cartwright whom no one has seen before comes to the ranch.

Aaron has allowed a mining company to mine for gold on the Ponderosa, but Charlie strongly disagrees. One day, Josh discovers that the mining company is using hydraulic mining, thereby damaging the land. In a town meeting discussing the mining company's methods, Aaron tells the company's representative that he didn't agree to hydraulic mining. When the representative tries to force his way back onto the Ponderosa and Charlie tries to stop him, a melee occurs. Later, the owner of the mining company comes to Virginia City. He promises to rebuild the land that was damaged and to keep the operation going without further damaging the land.


  • John Ireland as Aaron Cartwright
  • Barbara Anderson as Annabelle 'Annie' Cartwright
  • Michael Landon Jr. as Benjamin 'Benj' Cartwright
  • Brian A. Smith as Josh Cartwright
  • Robert Fuller as Charlie Poke
  • John Amos as Mr. Mack


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