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Bonanza The Return

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Bonanza: The Return is an American television movie. It appeared in 1993 and is the second of the three movie sequels to the Bonanza TV series.


In addition to the "next generation" Cartwrights Benj and Josh, who had already appeared in the previous movie, the present movie introduces Benj's sister Sara Cartwright, daughter of Little Joe and Annie, and Adam 'A.C.' Cartwright, son of Adam Cartwright. Foreman of the ranch is Bronc Evans, an old friend of the Cartwright family, cook is Buckshot Patterson.

Augustus Brandenburg, a former ranch-hand of the Ponderosa, has become a tycoon. He attempts to take over the Ponderosa first by legal, and then by illegal means, and intends to use the land for strip mining.


  • Michael Landon Jr. as Benjamin 'Benj' Cartwright
  • Emily Warfield as Sara Cartwright
  • Brian Leckner as Josh Cartwright
  • Alistair MacDougall as Adam 'A.C.' Cartwright
  • Ben Johnson as Bronc Evans
  • Jack Elam as Buckshot Patterson
  • Richard Roundtree as Jacob Briscoe
  • Dirk Blocker as Walter Fenster
  • Dean Stockwell as Augustus Brandenburg

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