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There are three Bonanza Movies based on the Bonanza TV series.


In these movies, none of the original Cartwrights appear, but some of their children.


The movies are:

Poster Title Year Writer Director
Bonanza The Next Generation Bonanza: The Next Generation 1988 Paul Savage
David Dortort
William F. Claxton
Bonanza The Return Bonanza: The Return 1993
Bonanza Under Attack Bonanza: Under Attack 1995

Main cast[]

Character Description portrayed by in
Aaron Cartwright brother of Ben Cartwright John Ireland The Next Generation
Annabelle 'Annie' Cartwright wife of Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright Barbara Anderson The Next Generation
Benjamin 'Benj' Cartwright son of Annie and Little Joe Michael Landon Jr. The Next Generation
The Return
Under Attack
Josh Cartwright son of Hoss Cartwright Brian A. Smith The Next Generation
Charlie Poke foreman of the Ponderosa Robert Fuller The Next Generation
Bronc Evans director of the Ponderosa Ben Johnson The Return
Under Attack