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Booth Shannon
Placeholder person
Biographical information
Full Name: Booth Shannon
Occupation: Town Marshal
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: --
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue/Brown
Born: 1829
Died: --
Family/Relatives: Burk Shannon † [Twin Brother]
Spouse --
Romances/Domestic Partners: Hallie Shannon
Children: 0
Appeared on:
First Episode: The Trap
Last Episode: The Trap
Portrayed by: Steve Cochran

Personal Information[]

Booth Shannon was the youngest twin and always in direct competition with his brother Burk. Because his brother was extremely competitive Booth felt that no matter what he wanted Booth would take it away. As child they used to run around Virginia City and Burk always had to win.

Booth fell in love with Hallie, how much of a relationship they had is unknown, Booth may have loved her from afar and his brother knowing this went after her and she eventually married Burk.

Booth left Virginia City to get away from his brother's controlling side, however they did write now and again to one another.

Booth eventually became a town Marshal and upon hearing about his brothers death he came to Virginia City to investigate and make sure the person who did it paid for their crime.

When Booth eventually tells Halie that he's going to marry her, she runs away and is later found at the bottom of Paiute Falls, where Little Joe was to pass on his way back from a supply run.

Booth blames Little Joe not only for the death of his brother but also for the death of Hallie and when Joe is released from his jail cell with the help of Ben, Booth offers a $1,000 reward for evidence against Little Joe that will bring about his arrest and conviction.

Little Joe confronts Booth head on and when Booth refuses to meet Joe in the street, Joe slaps him and tells him he'll be waiting. Booth doesn't want to go out into the street since he knows Joe has little chance going up against him. Nevertheless Booth meets Joe in the street and shots him in the shoulder.

Later that night Booth goes to visit Joe and Ben is waiting outside his room, he tells Ben he knows Joe was innocent when he asked to meet him in the street. Knowing he was going to die, Joe still asked to meet him in the street, a guilty man wouldn't do that and that's why he didn't kill Joe outright. At Ben's urging Booth goes in Joe's room to apologise to him.