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Clay Renton
Jack Lord as Clay Renton in "The Outcast" in Season 1 (ep.#17).
Biographical information
Full Name: Clay Renton
Occupation: Outlaw / Stagecoach robber
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian / American
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Light blueish gray
Born: ????
Died: c. 1859 (killed by Ben Cartwright in duel)
Family/Relatives: ????
Spouse None
Romances/Domestic Partners: Leta Malvet
Children: None
Appeared on: Bonanza (TV Series)
First Episode: "The Outcast" (Season 1)
Last Episode: One time appearance
Portrayed by: Jack Lord

Clay Renton was a charcter who appeared in the Season 1 episode of the NBC-TV series Bonanza titled "The Outcast" (episode #17). The part of Clay was played in the episode by actor Jack Lord.

About Clay[]

The Cartwrights come to the aid of Leta Malvet (played by Susan Oliver) when she's ostracized by the community after her father and brother are hanged by a lynch mob for killing two men while trying to rob the stagecoach that they thought carried the Ponderosa's payroll. But Adam is sure that the gang will try again when they find out that the Malvets came up empty-handed and suspects that it's no coincidence when Leta's beau, bad boy Clay decided to come back to town, as he winds up protecting her from her outlaw boyfriend, who's shot by Ben after he tries to draw his pistol on him.