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Clint Sharp was born on July 20, 1909 in Mill Valley, California, USA. He died October 25, 1989 (age 80) in Riverside County, California, USA.



Year Episode Credited as
Director Producer Writer Actor Role
1960 The Trail Gang Yes Trail Hand
1961 The Rescue Yes 2nd Stagecoach Driver
1961 The Dark Gate Yes 2nd Stagecoach Driver
1963 A Woman Lost Yes Stagecoach Driver
1963 Rich Man, Poor Man Yes stunts
1963 A Question of Strength Yes stunt double
1964 Square Deal Sam Yes Stagecoach Driver
1965 Dead and Gone Yes Stagecoach Driver
1965 Devil on Her Shoulder Yes Colony Member
1965 The Strange One Yes Wagon Train Member
1966 A Dublin Lad Yes Jury Member
1966 Destiny's Child Yes Posse Member
1966 Shining in Spain Yes Clint
1966 To Bloom for Thee Yes Stagecoach Driver
1967 Judgement at Red Creek Yes Stagecoach Driver
1967 The Gentle Ones Yes Stagecoach Driver
1967 Six Black Horses Yes Stagecoach Driver
1968 A World Full of Cannibals Yes Wagon Driver