"Bonanza" episode
Season 1, Episode 16
#16 in Series
Air date January 2, 1960
Guest starring:
Written by John Tucker Battle
Directed by Christian Nyby
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After tangling with bandits on the way to California to buy a prize bull for the Ponderosa, Little Joe fends off a pretty senorita and her jealous fiancé, while Hoss discovers that the bull has been spirited away by a little boy who is convinced that the Cartwrights plan to kill and eat his big bovine friend.


Ben sends Hoss and Joe to Monterey, California to buy a prize seed bull. Along the way they have several encounters:

  • First, two men try to steal the $15,000 Hoss is carrying.
  • Second, Joe butts heads with a jealous neighbor, Eduardo El Montalban over the purchase of the bull.
  • Third, the bull disappears when his young caretaker, Epifanio Lopez fears the Americans mean to eat his beloved bull.
  • Fourth, Don Xavier Losaro's daughter, Cayetena throws herself at Joe and he's almost caught in a compromising situation with her.
  • Fifth, Hoss has to fight a bear that wants to eat the bull.
  • Sixth, Cayetana stows away in the bull's wagon and insists that she's going to marry Joe.
  • Seventh, Eduardo, Cayetana's fiance, comes to fight for her and Joe has to duel with rapiers.
  • Eighth, not only do Hoss and Joe have to take Epifanio with them, because where the bull is the boy is, but they also have to take Epifanio's parents.

Ben is not happy to find that Hoss had to pay extra for the wagon and team to bring the bull back, but he's also not pleased to have the Mexican family along. But, there's always plenty of room at the Ponderosa. Adam asks if they had any trouble. Hoss and Joe quickly recite their adventures. Adam thinks that's a lotta bull.


The Cartwrights



Did You Know?Edit

  • Hoss mentions his actual first name: Eric.


"No, I do not wish to marry with you. And when I do decide to get married, I’d like to do the asking."
Little Joe to Cayetena [src]



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