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“El Toro Grande”
Season 1, Episode 16
#16 in Series
Air date January 2, 1960
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by John Tucker Battle
Directed by Christian Nyby
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Little Joe and Hoss have a series of unbelievable events on their way to and from California to purchase a prize bull for the Ponderosa.


Ben sends Hoss and Joe to Monterey, California to buy a prize seed bull. Along the way they have several encounters. On their first night, two men try to steal the $15,000 Hoss is carrying while Joe and Hoss are bedded down on the trail to California. They have a gunfight to save themselves.

When the Cartwrights arrive at their destination, Joe butts heads with a jealous neighbor, Eduardo El Montalban over the purchase of the bull. Eduardo also dislikes the attention the bull’s owners daughter shows to Joe. Joe is only too happy to receive the attention of a pretty senorita. However, she is actually betrothed to Eduardo.

The bull, El Toro Grande, disappears from his pen when Joe and Hoss go to appraise him. His young caretaker, Epifanio Lopez fears the Americans mean to eat his beloved bull, so he has hidden him. He is convinced to bring the bull back.

Cayetena has thrown herself at Joe and he is almost caught in a compromising situation with her. She wants to marry Joe, so he is happy to leave the next day, with the bull in a specially made wagon to hold the huge El Toro Grande. His young caretaker, Epifanio, goes along to take care of him. Unbeknown to Joe and Hoss, Cayetena has stowed away in the wagon with the bull.

That evening, Cayetena is discovered by Hoss shortly before Cayetena’s father and fiancée arrive. Joe is none too happy about this, thinking he left that problem behind. Joe has to fight a duel with swords, and lose, to get rid of Cayetena. That same evening Hoss comes face to face with a bear that wants to eat the bull. He wrestles the bear and chases the bear away.

Epifanio has discovered that El Toro Grande is missing. He follows a trail and catches up to a group of Native Americans, led by their chief, leading the bull away. He convinces them not to eat his friend, and becomes blood brothers with the chief who thinks the young caretaker is very brave. Hoss and Joe arrive in time to see the Native Americans leave.

As Joe, Hoss, Epifanio and the bull arrive back at camp, a mule drawn cart arrives, with a woman, and a man playing guitar and singing. Not only do Hoss and Joe have to take Epifanio with them, but they also have to take Epifanio's parents. Hoss decides it’s acceptable to have the family accompany them when he learns Epifanio’s mother will cook dinner.

Arriving back at the Ponderosa, Ben is not happy to find that Hoss had to pay extra for the wagon and team to bring the bull back, but he's also not pleased to have the Mexican family along. But, there's always plenty of room at the Ponderosa. Adam asks if they had any trouble. Hoss and Joe quickly recite all their adventures. Adam looks at them skeptically and says that's “a lot of bull”.


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Did You Know?[]

  • Hoss mentions his actual first name: Eric.


"No, I do not wish to marry with you. And when I do decide to get married, I’d like to do the asking."
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