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Bonanza episode
Season 10, Episode 25
#25 in Series
Air date 23 Mar. 1969
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Guest starring:
Written by Elliott Gilbert

Preston Wood

Directed by Leon Benson
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The Cartwright's are called upon to help make sure a deposit of currency from the San Francisco mint to the Virginia City bank gets there safely. They use a private road through the Pondersosa to help transport the cash, but with the arrival of the US Marshal and his Deputy causes trouble for Little Joe when the Deputy Marshal's wife Emily puts Joe in the firing line for robbery and murder.



Emily walks across town and stops by the mercantile, she’s looking at the apples and the shop assistant tells her that they are the last batch he’ll get for the rest of the year and offers her a price for the barrel.  Joe walks up and watches her for a moment and then says hi to her.  Emily drops her apples and it’s almost as if she knows the voice and she’s smiling as she turns and returns the greeting.  The shop assistant is still trying to sell her apples and she finally tells him that she doesn’t even like apples.  Joe asks her if she’d like a bushel of rubies instead.  Emily tells Joe he hasn’t changed a bit, and Joe tells her she has and proceeds to tell her she looks prettier.  They both speak at the same time and laugh, she tells Joe she knew it was him as soon as she heard his voice.  Joe tells her that he knew it was her from across the street, the way she tilts her head.  Joe is smitten with her and asks her what she’s doing in town and asks her how long she’s been here, she tells him two days and that she’s going to live here.  Joe tells her it’s been a long time and tells her he’s thought about her a lot and always wondered what she was doing and figured she’s be married and all settled down.  Emily asks Joe if he’s married, and he tells her he isn’t, just the same old bachelor. He tells her it’s good seeing her.  He takes her hand and tells her to have a cup of coffee with him and talk for ten or twelve hours, Emily tells that Joe she can’t.  Joe asks her why and she tells him it’s so good to see him, says her goodbye, and then dashes off.

Emily runs into a house, and Wade shouts to her from upstairs, and then he comes running down the stairs. He tells her she’s home early. He’s now wearing a Deputy Marshal's badge. When Emily looks upset, Wade asks her what’s wrong. She replies that they can’t stay in Virginia City.  Wade looks confused.


Sheriff Coffee is out of town, and he’s loaned his office out to a US Marshal by the name of Calhoun. He’s enlisted the help of the Cartwright’s with a matter that concerns them directly.  A shipment of $90,000 in currency is being shipped from the mint in San Francisco to the bank in Virginia City which will use a private road through the Ponderosa to deliver it. Since word may have gotten out, the officials are taking extra precautions. Calhoun finishes explaining the details. Joe is very distracted and has his mind elsewhere  Ben tells the Marshal that the road is well known to them and that he will put an extra patrol on it to take care of any strangers. The Marshal tells them that his Deputy Marshal Wade will do a final sweep.  Hoss, Joe and Candy leave the jail while Ben stays behind to tie up matters.


Outside Hoss has noticed Joe’s distant behavior and asks him if everything is alright, Joe tells him everything’s fine.  Candy tells Hoss that Joe does seem a little dazed and he asks if he was kicked by a mule.  Joe tells him he didn’t and then asks Hoss to guess who he saw and Hoss immediately asks who.  Joe tells him it was Emily Anderson just as Ben walks out of the jail house, the name is familiar to Ben who turns his head sharply.  Hoss asks Joe if he saw her in town and Joe tells him he saw her twenty minutes ago in front of the mercantile.  Ben asks Little Joe if he heard correctly and Joe confirms that she’s here and is going to live in Virginia City, Joe looks at everyone then leaves and says he’ll tell everyone on the way home.  Candy asks Hoss who Emily Anderson is and Hoss tells him a girl Joe met about five years ago in Monterey and that he was going to marry her.  Ben wrote her a letter inviting her and the family up, the letter was returned unopened and Joe never heard from her since.  Candy is surprised.

Wade asks Emily for his name.  Emily sighs and tells him it’s Joe Cartwright, Wade thinks about it because he’s heard the name before, he tells Emily that they’re important people.   Wade asks why she married him when she knew somebody like that.  Emily tells Wade she wanted to marry him, and she asks him to believe her and that’s the reason she wants to get away, Wade believes her.  He tells her that they are in a new town, he’s got a new job, he’s the Deputy Marshal in charge of the new Virginia City office, she meets Joe Cartwright in the street and suddenly she wants him to give up something he’s been working for nine years to achieve.  Emily says yes and it’s because she loves Wade and doesn’t want anything to happen to their marriage.  Wade asks her what is going to happen, he tells her Joe won’t bother her and he guarantees it.  She tells him it’s not that and Wade asks her what is, she tells him that she’s not sure how she feels about Joe.  Wade realises the fire that never went out and asks her if she’s still in love with him.  Emily tells him no and she didn’t say that, she tells him she’s not sure how she feels.  Wade believes that she’s still in love with him, Emily looks Wade in the eyes and tells him she’s not sure, she tells Wade that if she sees Joe again then she gave him fair warning and that’s the reason she wants to leave.  Wade tells her just because a man walks past she wants to leave, and tells her that they are staying.  Emily asks Wade if he’s so sure of her, he tells her if Joe Cartwright can take her away from him then their marriage wasn’t much and wants to find out but he tells her to put things away first since they’re still showing signs of moving in.

It's the evening and the boys have gone to a lecture about ancient Egypt but Joe’s mind is still elsewhere.  During the lecture the projector breaks down and the Doctor Alonzo Stebbins giving the lecture tells everyone there will be a short recess while they fix the faulty mechanism.  Joe looks around and sees Emily by the entrance, they stare at each other for a moment then Emily hastily leaves, Joe tells Hoss he’ll be back and leaves after her. 

Emily is waiting outside.  Joe approaches her and tells her not to run this time, she tells him it’s the farthest thing from her mind.  They stare at each other some more then Joe slowly raises his hand and Emily takes it and they walk across the street.  Joe kisses her and they hug.  Joe tells her that he wrote to her so many times but he never received any answers only returned letters.  Emily tells Joe she went to San Francisco and her father was to blame, she recounts the things she did with Joe and tells him that they were the most wonderful times of her life, Joe tells her the same and kisses her again.  She tells Joe on the last night they were together when he proposed to her, her parent moved her inside of a week citing that Joe was too impulsive and wild.  She tried to write to him but her father burnt the letter, she also tried to run away but was locked in her room.  Joe tells her he doesn’t care because he has her now and won’t let go.

Back at the lecture Candy sneaks back to his seat, the lecture is back on track, he leans into Hoss and asks him where Little Joe is, Hoss tells him he’s not sure and continues to listen.

Joe is outside with Emily and they’re preparing to leave on a buggy, Emily tells Joe she loves him.  Joe leans in to kiss her and then he starts to drive off, Emily falls back in her seat in bliss.  Wade runs up behind the buggy and grabs Joe out and tosses him to the ground, they start fighting. 

Hoss and Candy are still listening to the lecture when a man runs into the hall shouting  “FIGHT!  FIGHT!”.  Another man runs in shouting Joe’s outside fighting with another man in the street.  Hoss and Candy make for a speedy exit from the hall.

Outside Joe is still fighting with Wade and there’s a crowd egging them on, Joe clearly has the upper hand and punches Wade to the ground.  Wade pulls his gun on Joe but Candy intercepts him and points his gun at Wade’s face, Hoss takes away Wade’s gun.  Calhoun arrives and tells Wade to go back to the office, but Joe wants an explanation first.  Wade tells Joe what it’s all about and points at Emily and tells him that she’s his wife. 

Emily sits in the buggy looking extremely guilty and Joe has no words to express what he’s feeling.

Wade picks Emily out of the buggy and they walk away.

Outside the Sheriff’s office Emily has been waiting, Wade comes out and tells Emily the Marshal will keep him on and that he was foolish to be involved in a street fight, and thanks Emily for it.  Wade tells Emily that she shamed him and Emily tells him that she warned him, Wade tells her it won’t happen again.  He tells her that her father told him she needed a rough bit in the mouth and a strong hand on the reins and from now on that’s what she’s going to get.   Wade he tells her to put on her ring, she is reluctant to so he grabs her purse and finds the ring inside and plucks it out and attempts to put it on her finger but she clenches her fist.  Wade pries her fingers open and puts the ring on and tells her this shows people she belongs to him and it’s to stay on.  She pulls it off but Wade grabs her hands and forces the ring back on her finger, she tells him he’s hurting her and he tells her to behave like a wife should and he won’t have to.

Joe is patrolling the land on the Ponderosa when Emily comes riding by and calls to him.  She asks Joe not to be angry and Joe asks her what she’s doing out here, she tells him she had to come to apologies for not telling Joe she was married, Joe tells her it’s alright and wonders if there’s anyone else in her family that she’s not told him about.   She tells him no, and Joe asks her if she’s had any children and she tells him no and can tell he’s angry and she can’t blame him.  Joe tells her she should have told him, she tells Joe if she had would he have held her in his arms and would he have still told her he loved her, Joe tells her no and lowers his head.  She leans over and puts her hand on Joe's and tells him that she had to know and that she knows she loves him, she smiles at Joe.  Joe pauses for a moment and then tells her that now it’s been said neither of them are for the better for it, he backs away from her and rides away.  Emily disheartened by his words rides after him and tells him to wait, Joe tells her they’ve got nothing to talk about and that she’s married and her husband made it very clear to him the other night.  Emily tells Joe that he shouldn’t believe that their marriage was made in heaven, she tells him it wasn’t and she was married by signing a county register with her father at her elbow.  Emily tries to make Joe understand but all he can say is that he understands that she’s married.  Emily grabs Joe’s arm and they both stop, she tells Joe they can get it back and they deserve it, she asks Joe to go away with her, any where he says.  Joe tells her just like that and she tells him this very instant, she tells Joe that she’s has as much as told Wade that there’s nothing left and what she hasn’t said he must know.  Emily tells Joe that marriage is in the heart, a true marriage and that Joe is in her heart and tells him that he can’t look at her and not tell her she’s in his.  Joe tells her that she is there and Emily asks which way do they go.  Joe tells her they go in opposite directions and she should go home to her husband, he rides off.  Emily calls to him again but it falls on deaf ears, she watches him ride away with sadness.  As she’s about to ride away she hears a shot and looks behind her, she sees Joe who has also heard the shot, another shot is heard and she sees Joe ride off in its direction, she rides away.

Joe finds a buckboard with a man lying on the ground next to it, he pulls out his gun and approaches the man on the ground.  He checks to see if he’s alive and then looks around and sees another man on the other side face down, he goes over to check him, he’s alive, just about.  Joe tells him not to worry and that he’ll get some help, he fires off three warning shots and then a fourth shot is heard, and Joe falls down in pain, as he falls down it’s apparent that the man he tried to help has shot him.  The man succumbs to his wound and dies; Joe lies unconscious on the ground.

Wade rides in at a gallop and further away are Candy and Hoss who have also heard the shots and ride in the direction they came from.  Wade arrives first and like Joe he finds the driver on the ground next to the buckboard, he then goes to the other side of the buckboard but checks the money bags in the back of the buckboard first before checking on the guard and Joe.  Wade looks around and notices the ground has been dug up by some trees, he looks in the hole but there’s nothing there, then he hears horses coming in.  It’s Candy and Hoss, they arrive quickly and dismount and are about to run over to Joe when Wade stops them from going any further by shooting a warning shot in the air.  He tells the pair to throw down their guns, and Hoss tells him that one of the men on the ground is his brother.   Wade tells him he knows but he doesn’t know him that well and he’s a careful man, Hoss and Candy throw their guns to the ground and Wade kicks them out of reach, he then tells them they can go ahead and help him.  Hoss bends down to check on Joe and Wade asks if he’s alive, Hoss tells him he is but he’s not in a good condition.  Joe lets out a gasp of pain when he tries to move, Hoss tells Wade they need to get him to a doctor quickly.  Wade tells him they will, Candy tells him that he’s a long way off from where he’s meant to be, and Wade tells him that Joe was, as well as the money.

Back at the Ponderosa Joe is lying in bed, the Doctor has just finished seeing to him and covers him up.  Ben is worried since he’s not moved or said a word, the Doctor tells him it’s understandable since he’s in shock, lost a lot of blood, and took a long rough ride in a buckboard, he tells Ben that he will stay with him, Ben thanks him.  The Doctor tells Ben that Joe is young and healthy and rest is what he needs and then tells Ben that he needs a coffee and a sandwich, they head downstairs.

Downstairs there’s a knock at the door and Hoss goes to answer it, upon opening the door Calhoun is waiting there and Hoss invites him in, he’s not alone and has come with Wade.  Calhoun asks Hoss how his brother is and the Doctor tells him that he’s resting and will be for some time.  Calhoun asks if Joe has said anything, Ben tells him that he’s been unconscious since they bought him in and hasn’t said a word, Calhoun tells Ben he’s sorry to hear that and asks the Doctor if Joe will make it and he tells Calhoun that he’s sure he will.  Calhoun asks him when he will be able to talk to Joe, he tells him tomorrow or maybe the day after, Calhoun is surprised it will take that long.  The Doctor tells him it could be longer if he develops a fever, Ben not liking where the conversation is going tells Calhoun he expects Joe to be alright and tells Calhoun he wants to get the Doctor some food and disappear into the kitchen.  Calhoun asks Hoss and Candy if they saw the buckboard, Hoss tells him they did.  He and Candy rode out early and went along the road to make sure there was no ambush and tells him where the searched.   Candy tells Calhoun that they saw the buckboard and retreated somewhat so not to make the men nervous, Hoss tells him that they did see them and that they did wave back at them and were alright at that time.  Candy tells him that Joe was 10-20 minutes behind them and Wade was meant to be 10 minutes behind Joe.  Calhoun asks if they went past the grove they past by where it happened, Hoss tells him they went right by it and scared a flock of crows nesting in the trees, Candy tells him if there were anybody there then the crows would have gone.  Calhoun tells them that it matches what he found, the wagon tracks and four tracks left by a team of horse riders.  He counts in Candy, Hoss, Joe, and Wade and no one else, after a pause he tells them that it narrows down to two suspects, his Deputy and Joe Cartwright.  Candy tells Calhoun he knows Joe Cartwright and he doesn’t know his Deputy so he votes for him, pointing at Wade.  Calhoun tells Candy he believes it’s the other way round and that he doesn’t know Joe Cartwright but he does know Wade McPhail and that he’s worked for him and worn the badge for nine years, nine years of excellent record.  Hoss tells Calhoun that Wade was 4-5 miles from where he was supposed to have been, Calhoun tells Wade to tell them what he told him.  Wade tells them that the buckboard was late, Hoss agrees.  Figuring something was wrong Wade went to check, Calhoun dismisses Wade and tells him to wait outside.  Candy tells Calhoun that he doesn’t know if Wade shot the driver and guard but he does know he tried to shoot Joe in the street the other night.  Calhoun tells Candy that he’s heard Wade’s side and he’s yet to hear Joe’s side of the story, he goes on to say that he doesn’t believe anything until it’s been proven, he goes to leave but before he does he tells them he’ll keep an eye on both of them.

Wade returns home and finds Emily has turned Stepford Wives on him, she greets him hospitably and she has dinner ready for him, he asks her why there’s no fire and fury and she tells him that the storm has blown over.   He tells Emily that Joe is a good looking fella however he’s not seven feet tall like she lead him to believe and he doesn’t believe he’d light up a room just by walking in, Emily asks Wade not to make fun of her.  She’s made Wade his favourite meal, Wade asks her that they’re going to pick up the pieces and start all over again and she tells him she’d like to and believes they can.  Wade agrees and comments on the house still looking messy from the move, she tells him she should have but went out.  He asks if she went shopping in town and she tells him she did, he asks her what she found and she tells him she was looking for some material for the curtains but couldn’t find a thing she liked.  Wade asks her to try telling him again, they both stare at each other until Emily asks Wade not to play cat and mouse with her.  He tells her it’s part of his trade and only works when the mouse has something to hide.  Emily is silent and Wade tells her that he saw her with Joe, Emily realises Wade followed her.  Wade tells her duty took him out that way and tells her to sit down, and straddles a chair next to her and tells her he doesn’t know what to do with her.  He tells her he could throw her out onto the street with her clothes since she’s given him cause to, also encouraging another man.  Emily denies she encouraged Joe, Wade tells her she did last night and Emily tells Wade she didn’t today.  She tells Wade that Joe told her to meet him, Wade finds the information interesting and tells Emily he forbade it and he crooked his fingers and she goes off to meet him.  She tells him if she didn’t go Joe would make trouble for her after last night, he asks if Joe threatened him and Emily tells him not in so many words but it was plain enough.  She went because she was afraid for him, and that the Cartwright’s are a powerful family, Wade tells Emily he’s beginning to learn that.  She goes onto to tell Wade that if he had come to the house she would have told him she didn’t want to see him again.  She tells Wade a note was pushed under the door and she didn’t see who did it, Wade asks if Joe signed the letter and she tells him he did.  Wade gives her a glance and she tells Wade that she knew he’d want to see it so she burnt it because she was ashamed.  Wade asks what he wanted to see her about, she tells him Joe wanted her to go away with him and she told him no and that was the end of it.   Wade asks when he wanted to go away and Emily tells him it was right then, Wade then asks her where he wanted to go and she tells him South to New Orleans.  Wade can’t believe that Joe would only go as far as New Orleans and believes he would have gone to South American which is what he would have done, Emily tells Wade that she heard something about a ship, a fine house and servants.  Wade believes that high living requires a lot of money and asks Emily if Joe showed him the money to afford this, Emily skirts the issue and tells Wade that she told Joe she wouldn’t go away with him.  Wade tells Emily he has to know if Joe had the money or say he could get it.  Emily doesn’t know what difference it would make, Wade demands to know, and Emily tells him Joe said there would be lots of money and how many times does she have to tell him.  Wade tells her once more but not just to him, he tells her to take the dinner off the stove and to get her shawl. 

Calhoun asks Emily how long after she left Joe when she heard the shots.  She tells him it was a long time, Calhoun asks if she gave any thought to them, she tells him she thought it was just someone hunting.  Calhoun tells Emily he knows that this is embarrassing and unpleasant for her as well as Wade, and what she’s told him could be very important.  Emily quizzes the situation asking if there’s anything going on that she’s not been told about and asks what it is.  Calhoun turns to Wade and asks him why he didn’t tell her, Wade tells him that he thought it would mean more if she didn’t know.  Calhoun tells Emily that there was an attempted robbery on the Ponderosa and two men were killed, Emily says Joes name with concern, Calhoun tells her he was seriously injured and has been unable to talk but will recover.  He goes on to tell Emily that she’s not under oath and asks her if there’s anything more she wishes to add to her story or change, she tells him no.  Calhoun thanks Emily and tells her she’s made his job a lot easier, he tells Wade to take Emily home and he’ll let him know if he needs her again.

Joe is awake now and sitting in bed, Ben passes him a glass of water.   Calhoun asks if he saw who shot him, Joe tells him he didn’t and all he saw was the guard and the driver, he fired the warning shots and the next thing he knew he was back at the Ponderosa.  The Doctor tells Calhoun he can ask two more questions.  Calhoun asks Joe about his meeting with Mrs McPhail prior and Joe refuses to talk about it citing their conversation was personal and had nothing to do with the shooting.  Ben glances at the Marshal then back at Joe and tells him it might be helpful if he did answer the question.  Joe tells him that Emily wanted to leave her husband so he talked her out of it.  The Doctor tells Calhoun that it enough and he can come back tomorrow and tells Joe he’ll continue to come back until he finds out what happened out there. 

Back at the Sheriff’s office, Ben and Clem are there with the Marshal and Deputy Marshal.   Wade is going over the events of Joe’s story with Calhoun, Calhoun tells Wade that the driver or the guard could have shot Joe and Wade interrupts by saying he could have shot him as well.  There’s a long silence, Wade tells Ben that the Cartwright’s are big people and he’s just a stranger and they’ve already got the hangman’s knot all but tied around his neck, Ben tells him that’s not true.  Wade asks Ben a question, he tells Ben he’s rich and would his son be able to lay his hands on enough money to pay for two people to go to South America and keep them living in style for two or three years.  Ben tells him no.  Wade tells Calhoun to take his answer as well as his wife’s testimony as a motive for robbery and murder, Calhoun tells Wade that Emily refused to go with Joe.  Ben’s face is all confused at this revelation.  Wade tells Calhoun that Joe was foolish to think that a married woman would run off with him, he’d be fool enough to believe that $90,000 might persuade her.  Ben’s had enough and tells Wade to think whatever he wants to think, Ben takes his leave and tells Calhoun he’ll see him at the Ponderosa in the morning.   Calhoun tells Wade to sit down and asks Clem if he can leave them alone for a bit.  Calhoun tells Wade he’s been wearing a badge for nine years and that there are two ways to investigate a crime.  One way, the wrong way is to bend everything he finds to make it fit the way he wants it to which is what Wade is currently doing at the moment.  Calhoun continues to tell him he needs to keep an open mind and to keep digging until he has all of the evidence from all of the witnesses.  He tells him he may not find what he wants to find, Wade interrupts him and tells him that he’s going to find Joe Cartwright innocent.  Calhoun sees now that Wade isn’t going to listen to him and asks for his badge.  Wade takes it off and tosses it at him.

Ben finally visits Emily at her house, she asks Ben how Joe is he tells her he’s better.  Ben tells her he’s there because he wanted to find out why she lied about his son.  Ben tells her that he knows Joseph, and asks her again why she lied.  Emily has guilt written across her face but she still tells Ben that she didn’t say anything that would hurt him.  Ben tells her that everything she said has put him under suspicion of murder, Emily looks confused.  Ben goes on to tell her that she’s painted a picture of an excited young man eager to run off with another man’s wife and those who don’t know his son could very easily believe that.  And there are some who could look at her and find her motive enough for robbery and murder, she tells Ben she knows that’s not a compliment.  Ben tells her no and that he didn’t come to her to flatter her, he came over to find out how long she’s going to stick to her story.  Emily tells Ben it’s not a story.  Ben tells her she’ll have to stand up in court under oath, at this point Wade has returned home and is listening to Ben talking to Emily.  Ben continues that Joe will be there in court looking at her, and listening to her and asks if she’ll be able to do that.  Wade tells Ben to stop badgering his wife, Ben looks at Emily and asks her to just tell the truth, Emily tells Ben she did.  Wade calls to Ben and motions him to leave but before he does he tells Ben he lost his job and he knew it was going to happen, Ben tells him he didn’t and tells him he’s sorry, Wade tells him to get out, Ben tells him he’s sorry for them both and leaves.

The next day Calhoun is taking the Cartwright’s and Candy back to the spot where it happened, Joe is in a buggy with the Doctor.  Emily returns home to tell Wade about what’s happened, and Wade seems blasé about it.  Emily is surprised they didn’t ask Wade to go, and he tells Emily he didn’t expect them to, Emily believes he should have unless they were expecting to find something that would, she stops and asks Wade if he did it.  Wade tells her it never crossed his mind, she continues to stare at him like he’s guilty.  She turns away and Wade looks at her with a sudden realisation.  Wade tells himself that she believes he did it, he turns to her and asks her if she knows Joe didn’t.   Emily looks at Wade and he asks her if she could still see him when the shots were fired, Emily backs away and Wade goes to grab her and stares right in her eyes she looks fearful.  He tells her it’s not what she told him and the Marshal and asks her if it’s another lie, she squeaks out a yes.

Back at the crime scene, Calhoun is with Ben by the hole that was dug by the trees along with Candy and Hoss, he’s measuring boot sizes to the boots of the people who were there that day.  Joe is watching from the buggy with the Doctor by his side, they both hear horses approaching and turn to look, it’s Wade and Emily.  Calhoun and the rest walk back to the buggy just as the McPhail’s dismount.  Wade tells Calhoun and Ben that his wife has something to say.  Emily tells everyone she lied and tells them that Joe didn’t want to go away with her and it was the other way round, and she could still see Joe when the shots were fired so he couldn’t have killed the men.  Ben thanks her.  Emily tells them that Wade didn’t do it either; Ben tells them that he knew that.  He goes on to tell them that Joe told them something this morning that might have been some help , he told them that he’d never been near the hole that was dug to bury the money in.  He’s holding the pair of boots Joe was wearing that day, Wade tells him that there were lots of boot  prints all over the place, Calhoun tells him none of them were Joes.  Wade points to the boots Calhoun is holding in his right hand and asks him if those do, Calhoun confirms they do and that they belonged to the driver and the guard.  He concludes that the driver did the digging and the guard stood over him with the gun.  Wade goes over to Joe and apologises to him, Joe tells him that they’re all sorry about a lot of things and smiles at Emily.  Emily is tearful and walks back to her horse.  Calhoun gives Wade his badge back.  The Doctor tells everyone it’s time he got his patient back to the Ponderosa. 

Emily tells Wade that she knows what he must feel about her  and tells him that she’ll go on ahead and be packed and out of the house before he gets back.  Wade tells her she’s right about the way he feels but doesn’t want her to leave, Emily looks at Wade with tears rolling down her cheeks and tells Wade she wants another chance and if he gives her another chance she’ll, Wade puts a finger over her mouth.  Wade tells her not to make promises she can’t keep all he asks is she try.  Emily tells him she will try. 


The Cartwrights[]

Recurring Characters[]

Special Guess Stars[]


  • Harry Holcombe: Dr Lewis
  • Byron Webster: Dr Stebbins
  • Charles P Thompson: Storekeeper
  • Bing Russell: Deputy Sheriff Clem
  • Quent Sondergaard: Hendrix
  • Don Adkins: Assistant
  • David McClean: Marshal Calhoun