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Emily-Hoss Relationship
Intimacy level: almost engaged
Those for: Ben Cartwright

Adam Cartwright
Little Joe
John Pennington (Emily's brother)

Those against: Blake McCall (Emily's former fiance)
Episodes: The Newcomers

Episodes for[]

The Newcomers[]

Hoss helps Emily escape from her unscrupulous fiance, and they fall in love.

The Philip Deidesheimer Story[]

Hoss mentions falling in love with Emily.

Episodes against[]

The Newcomers[]

Emily is engaged to Blake McCall, who is working with a partner to swindle the Cartwrights and take their land. Emily, at first put off by Hoss, discovers that he is a kind, caring person. Hoss likes Emily, and she falls for him. Unbeknown to Hoss, Emily is suffering from a fatal illness. She leaves, telling Hoss that she will return, unable to tell him the truth, which he learns later from his family.


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