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Enos Milford
051 - The Hayburner
Biographical information
Full Name: Enos Milford
Occupation: Horse Breeder/Rancher
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: American
Hair color: Ginger
Eye color: Blue-Gray
Family/Relatives: Cora Milford (wife)
Spouse Cora Milford
Romances/Domestic Partners:
Appeared on:
First Episode: The Hayburner
Last Episode: The Hayburner
Portrayed by: William Demarest

Enos Milford breeds horses on his ranch, where his wife Cora lives, who wears the breeches, and his 9-year-elder friend Sam.

Unfortunately Enos isn't a very skilled horseman, so that the horses throw him off instead. Due to this he has a hurt back, but he still believes himself to be an experienced horseman who makes lame excuses, when a horse throws him off again. In order to brake the horses properly he asks the Cartwrights for help. Little Joe takes the job, but he has some difficulties with the horses Enos already tried to break.

When Adam and Hoss talk about the racehorse they bought for the Virginia City Sweepstakes Race Enos gets interested. Years ago, he had a racehorse called Arabella that broke its ankle during the race. Despite his wife's objections he offers a deal to Little Joe: 500 Dollar of the Prize Money, when he rides Blackie, one of his own horses, instead. This deal includes Adam's rifle plus the Kentucky Thoroughbred Tobias that Little Joe gains for security, if Tobias doesn't win the race. Therefore Enos has a English Saddle that is much lighter than the usual Western Saddles.

After Little Joe won the race, he swaps Blackie with Tobias, because he has dreamt of his own racehorse since he was a little boy. His wife agrees with Enos' decision though the horse is of no use on the ranch.