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Bonanza episode
“Face of Fear”
Season 13, Episode 8
#397 in Series
Air date November 14, 1971
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by Ken Pettus
Directed by Chris Christenberry
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Jamie's girlfriend, Neta Thatcher, witnesses a drifter named Griff Bannon rob and kill a man at a roadside camp. Bannon - who assumes his victim's identity and inherits his fortune - is aware that Neta has witnessed the crime and begins stalking her. Neta is terrified to tell anyone about the crime she witnessed.


Jamie's friend Neta, a teen-age girl, witnesses the robbery and murder of a man about to inherit a windfall, but it too afraid to speak of it. The killer, Bannon, assumes the dead man's identity, gets a job at the Ponderosa, and begins to stalk the girl. If only Neta could get the courage to tell Jamie about what she witnessed.

Cast and Characters[]

The Cartwrights[]



  • Bradford Dillman: Griff Bannon
  • Donald Moffat: Thatcher
  • Jewel Blanch: Neta Thatcher
  • Athena Lorde: Miss Griggs
  • Chick Chandler: Garroway
  • Tom Gilleran: Trumbull
  • Susan Joyce: Wilma
  • Lou Frizzell: Dusty Rhodes

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