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Gunnar Borgstrom
Biographical information
Full Name: Gunnar Borgstrom
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Swedish
Hair color: Salt and Pepper
Eye color: Brown
Family/Relatives: Inger Cartwright† (sister)

Ben Cartwright (brother-in-law)
Hoss Cartwright (nephew) Adam Cartwright(nephew) Little Joe Cartwright ( nephew)

Romances/Domestic Partners:
Appeared on:
First Episode: Inger, My Love
Last Episode: The Last Viking
Portrayed by: Neville Brand

Jeremy Slate

Personal Information[]

The Early Days[]

Gunnar Borgstrom is the younger brother of Inger Borgstrom.

He owns a mercantile store left by his how deceased father which is run by Inger in Illinois.

Gunnar spends most of his time and the stores earnings at the local tavern. His dream is to go to the gold fields in Canada since all his friends are also doing it and they've already sold everything they have to Mr McWhorter.

Gunnar wants to sell the store but he doesn't want to upset his sister who runs it and therefore he feels he's in a catch 22 position. His get out clause would be if his sister married Mr McWhorter, the richest man in the county, but Inger isn't interested in him.

Ben Cartwright arrives in town and Gunnar more or less insults him from the start by calling him a penniless drifter all the time and he likes to throw pocket change at Ben. Unfortunately for Gunnar, Inger has taken a liking to Ben and they start seeing each other although not seriously at first.

Since Gunnar knows McWhorter wants to marry Inger he tells him to get rid of Ben since he appears to be in direct competition to him and winning. Ben loses his job as a result but it backfires when Inger hires him to work at the store.

Gunnar resents Ben and decides to sell the store to McWhorter which enrages Ben and results in him being knocked out. It later transpires that Gunnar has been seriously injured and has a fractured skull. When Gunnar comes to he tells Ben he knows it wasn't him and it must have been McWhorter who did it. Gunnar gives his blessing for Inger to marry Ben as long as he can give her away.

Since there's nothing left in Illinois for them, Ben and Inger head West and Gunnar leaves for the gold fields.




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