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Hallie Shannon
Biographical information
Full Name: Hallie Shannon
Occupation: Housewife
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: --
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Born: 1837
Died: 1859
Family/Relatives: Booth Shannon [Brother in Law]
Spouse Burk Shannon
Romances/Domestic Partners: Little Joe Cartwright
Children: 0
Appeared on:
First Episode: The Trap
Last Episode: The Trap
Portrayed by: Joan Freeman

Personal Information[]

Hallie used to play with Little Joe when they were kids, they used to hang around so much people thought they would eventually get married. However Little Joe was just a friend to Hallie and they may have displayed some puppy love growing up but no more from Joe's point of view. Hallie on the other hand never let go of Little Joe and she wanted to be part of his life so in order to make Little Joe jealous she went out and eventually married Burk Shannon to spite Joe.

Joe would often visit the Shannon's much to Burk's chagrin, since Hallie always flirted around Little Joe when he'd visit, Burk couldn't help but think that there was something going on between the pair.

After Joe killed Burk by accident, Hallie asks Joe to take her back to her place since she doesn't want to be lonely. Hallie saw this as a perfect opportunity to get back with Joe, fully believing that Joe killed Burk so that could happen. She believes that Joe's protest are just an act to hide his true intentions in case she went to the Sheriff, however to Joe it sounded more like blackmail.

Hallie visits the Ponderosa to meet with Joe but he's gone on a supply run and won't be back till much later. Upon returning home, Hallie is greeted by Burk's twin brother Booth.

He tells her that he's staying to look after her just like Burk did but she doesn't want him around because he reminds her too much of Burk. Booth tells Hallie to confess that Little Joe killed his brother, under duress she tell Booth, Joe murdered Burk.

After his mistreatment of her she runs out of the house. She is later found dead at the bottom of Pauite Falls where Joe would pass when he came back from the supply run, he is implicated and arrested.


It could have been assumed that Booth went after Hallie and pushed her over the Falls, since this is the recount Booth tells Joe which could intimate that Booth could have killed her since he knew the possible reason for her ending up at the bottom of the Falls. However later on when Booth offers $1,000 for evidence against Little Joe, Floyd offers to lie to make sure Joe is hanged, but Booth being a Marshal and law abiding he refuses to allow them to lie. Because of this it's safe to assume that Hallie jumped off the Falls rather than return home to Booth and marry him.