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Jebez Ludlow
Biographical information
Full Name: Jebez Ludlow
Occupation: Pony Express Rider
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: -
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Born: -
Died: -
Family/Relatives: Charles Ludlow - (Father)
Spouse -
Romances/Domestic Partners: -
Children: -
Appeared on:
First Episode: Ride the Wind, Part 1
Last Episode: Ride the Wind, Part 2
Portrayed by:

Personal Information[]

Jebez Ludlow arrives in Virginia City with his, father Charles Ludlow, he's a Pony Express rider for his fathers company. He meets Little Joe while he's on a run and they both ride together for a very brief period. He helps his father recruit riders which includes Little Joe.

When the increase attacks on the riders and the way stations, Jebez supports his father when they go up against the board of directors to cease operations, however the board votes for Wade instead of his father.

Jebez is upset with his father for not standing up for himself at the meeting and he argues with him. In his anger he tells his father that he's got nothing to be proud of him because every venture he did always ended in failure and for once he wanted him to see it through to the end and the only person he let down was himself.

Later Jebez aids Ben and Hoss in rescuing Little Joe and taking back Indian Wells Way Station at the same time, he's however injured in the process with an arrow to his leg, it is also at this time that he finds out his father is dead when the Indians return him tied to his horse and stuck full of arrows.

Full of remorse and guilt Jebez descends into depression and won't leave his hotel room and surrounds himself with booze. He believes that he's responsible for his fathers death and Little Joe gives him a lecture and tells Jebez that he can help his brother repair the way station which results in Jebez coming to his senses and sobering himself up,

He successfully helps Hoss defend Indian Wells and continues the Pony Express