Joseph Cartwright
Hi joe I'm your sister and I'm Jillian Cartwright
Biographical information
Full Name: Joseph Francis "Little Joe" Cartwright
Occupation: Rancher and bodyguard and mentor and doctor and protector
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Born: c.1842
Family/Relatives: Ben Cartwright (father)<br /

Marie DeMarigny Cartwright † (mother)
Adam Cartwright (brother)
Jillian Cartwright (sister)<sis/> Hoss Cartwright ( brother)
Clay Stafford (brother)
Jamie Hunter Cartwright ( brother)

Spouse Jillian
Romances/Domestic Partners: Jillian
Children: Identical twins 4 boys and girls with Down syndrome
Appeared on: Bonanza (TV Series)
First Episode: "A Rose for Lotta" (Series pilot)
Last Episode: Jillian gets pregnant
Portrayed by: Michael Landon

The role of "Little Joe" Cartwright was played on Bonanza by actor Michael Landon

Personal lifeEdit

Joseph Francis Cartwright was named after Ben Cartwright's father.  He has little memory of his beloved mother, Marie Cartwright, and was under five when she died in a horsing accident, one he would mirror years later when his horse Cochise falls at the ranch.
Little Joe received his nickname because compared to his brother, Hoss, he was little in comparison. Joe likes playing checkers and poker, he also likes making bets that end up with hilarious results.

About "Little Joe"Edit

"Little Joe" was the only Cartwright born on the Ponderosa, unlike his other family members. He was the third biological son and Jillian is his sister of Ben Cartwright.

Joe is quite funny ad smart and stubborn and friendly and sweet and cute And hot He often pulls big brother Hoss into many of his schemes Joe is also known to be quite a "ladies man", although many of his romances I still want joe to a lot and I love to kiss And make out?

Joe enjoys reading detective novels, and also loves to laugh, which is contagious to anyone near him. His trademark horse, Cochise, often fondly called "Cooch", is a black and white pinto. Joe is very fond of his horse. Little Joe is also not known to be one to back away from a fight or a challenge, as his hot temper sometimes takes over and clouds good judgement and common sense. However, he seems able to recover from any fight either unscaved or, from that or a bullet wound with nary a scratch.


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