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"Justice Deferred" is the 13th episode in the ninth season of Bonanza, and 282nd episode overall.

Bonanza episode
“Justice Deferred”
Season 9, Episode 13
#282 in Series
Air date December 17, 1967
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by Jack Miller
Directed by Gerald Mayer
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When a beautiful young woman is brutally strangled and killed, and ill-tempered Frank Scott is fingered as the suspect. Upon the eyewitness testimony of Hoss and town banker Andy Buchanan, Scott is convicted and sentenced to hang. However, only after Scott is killed in the gallows do circumstances change: Hoss happens on another man that looks just like Scott, and this man was whistling the same tune just before he attacked the woman that was killed. Hoss soon realizes his testimony sent the wrong man to his death, and now he must try to convince Buchanan of the same ... but will there be other victims before they can catch the real killer?