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Kerri Pickett
Biographical information
Full Name: Kerri Amos Pickett
Occupation: Rancher
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: -
Hair color: Light Brown
Eye color: Brown
Born: -
Died: -
Family/Relatives: -
Spouse Amos Pickett (Husband)†
Romances/Domestic Partners: -
Children: -
Appeared on:
First Episode: Different Pines Same Wind
Last Episode: Different Pines Same Wind
Portrayed by: Irene Tedrow

Personal Information[]

Little Joe describe KerrI Pickett as a stubborn, cantankerous old woman. She lived out in a remote area of land which is rich in pine and virtually untouched.

She's an elderly woman living on her own since her husband died. Her hand has an injury from an animal bite and slowly makes her weaker by the day.

She lives on land not yet claimed by her and when Little Joe finds her he attempts to tell her to claim the land legally since she just can't own it just by living on it. Fearing Joe is out to claim the land for himself and also needing help with chores since she only has one usable hand she prevents Joe from leaving.