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Bonanza episode
“Marie, My Love”
Season 4, Episode 20
#120 in Series
Ben reminisces about his third wife (and Joe's mother), New Orleans belle Marie DeMarigny (Felicia Farr) in "Marie, My Love" in Season 4 (ep.#20).
Air date February 10, 1963
Production code
Guest starring: Guy Williams
Eduard Franz
Felicia Farr
George Dolenz
Lil Valenty
Jean Del Val
Richard LaMarr
Written by Anthony Lawrence & Anne Howard Bailey
Directed by Lewis Allen
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When Joe sustains a life-threatening injury after a fall, Ben reminisces about his third wife (and Joe's mother), New Orleans belle Marie. The memories include a scandal that almost tore the young couple apart.


Little Joe suffers a riding injury that prompts Ben to remember Joe's deceased mother.

His reminiscince carries him back to the time he met her in New Orleans. Ben says that a close friend, who had saved Ben's life, made a dying request of Ben, that he go to New Orleans, meet with his estranged wife, and give her a message. Ben fulfills his promise to his friend, and uncovers the deception underlying the estrangement. He confronts those in New Orleans responsible for the deception; and in so doing, finds himself falling in love with his friend's widow.

Cast and Characters[]



  • Eduard Franz as Marius Angerville
  • Felicia Farr as Marie DeMarigny Cartwright
  • George Dolenz as Eduard D'Arcy
  • Lil Valenty as Madame DeMarigny
  • Jean Del Val as Monsieur Clemont
  • Richard LaMarr as Waiter

Did you know?[]

  • German episode title: "Meine liebe Marie", meaning "My Dear Marie".
  • In A Rose for Lotta, Joe told Lotta Crabtree that his mother's name was marie . Coincidentally,plays Joe's mother, Marie. My mom and joe
  • This episode aired 2 days after George Dolenz' death in 1963
  • The locket with Joe's mother in is the same one he gave to Clay in the first episode of this season along with a picture frame of my mother marie our mom same as me and joe


  • In the prologue, Joe falls off the horse and Ben rushes to him. Perhaps Ben meant to say, "Get the cart", but instead, he tells Hoss "Get the car and get the doctor, quick!"





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