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Michael Jons
008 - The Decision
Biographical information
Full Name: Dr. Michael Jons, M.D.
Occupation: Doctor
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: American
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Grey
Family/Relatives: Karen Jons (wife)
Spouse Karen Jons
Romances/Domestic Partners: none
Children: none
Appeared on:
First Episode: The Decision
Last Episode: The Decision
Portrayed by: Kelley DeForest

Dr. Michael Jons, M.D. is innocently condemned of murder and the only doctor in town.

Judge Franklin Grant accused him of murdering a man he accidentally shot in self-defense. Jons has a witness, his friend and employee Danny, but Grant doesn't trust Danny's statement. In addition he doesn't want to set Jons free, because he also blames him for his wife's death who died during an operation.

Ben asks Jons to examine Hoss and with Grant's permission he agrees to do so. Additionally Ben investigates about Jons and tries to prove his innocence.

Jons became a doctor, because his wife Karen embezzelled some money from the company she worked for so that he could continue his studies. Karen was very ill and had to pay many bills. The Jons had to leave immediately. Stevens, the reporter Jons accidentally killed, found out what happened and wanted to publish it.


At the beginnig Jons is a bitter and sarcastic man who reluctantly agrees to treat Hoss, but after he examined him, he appears to be very sympathetic and honest with Ben. He tells him about the risks of the operation.

Moreover Jons is a good doctor and a caring husband. He loves his ill wife.