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Nancy Collings
Biographical information
Full Name: Nancy Collings
Occupation: Lumber
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: --
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Born: --
Died: --
Family/Relatives: George Collings [Father]
Spouse --
Romances/Domestic Partners: Waldo Watson
Children: --
Appeared on:
First Episode: The Scapegoat
Last Episode: The Scapegoat
Portrayed by: Sandra Warner

Personal Information[]

Nancy Collings helps her father out at the lumber yard. Hoss has mentioned that she knows more about wood than a woodpecker does.

Nancy likes big men and at first she chases after Hoss, but thanks to his brothers they use Hoss' new found friend Waldo Watson as a distraction.

At first Hoss welcomes the newly found freedom of not having Nancy trying to hogtie him but later on finds out that he did actually like her but it's too late, she's fallen in love with Waldo.