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Bonanza episode
“No Less a Man”
Season 5, Episode 24
#158 in Series
18. Adam & Roy Coffee--No Less a Man
Air date March 15, 1964
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by Jerry Adelman
Directed by Don McDougall
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Certain that he is too old to stand against a notorious gang of bank robbers when news arrives that Virginia City will soon be next in a long string of successful raids, the terrified townsfolk demand Sheriff Coffee's resignation to make way for a younger lawman.


The dangerous Wagner outlaw gang is planning a raid on Virginia City and the townspeople are becoming nervous. They want to replace their sheriff, Roy Coffee, because they feel he's too old to handle the threat. Adam is one of the few who thinks Sheriff Coffee should keep his job.

Cast and Characters[]

The Cartwrights



  • Adrienne Marden: Mrs. Wilson
  • Bill Clark: Bank Robber in Red Bandanna
  • Bill Zuckert: Browning
  • Bob Miles: Jeering Townsman in Brown Coat
  • Ed Prentiss: Banker
  • Edward Faulkner: Bank Robber in Green Shirt
  • John Kellogg: Bud Wagner
  • Joseph Breen: Townsman
  • Justin Smith: Carter
  • Martha Manor: Blonde Townswoman
  • Parley Baer: Frank Armstead
  • Rush Williams: Jeering Townsman in Tan Vest
  • William Corcoran: Jerry Wilson


Did you know?[]

  • German episode title: "Sheriff Coffees große Stunde", meaning "The Hour of Sheriff Coffee".




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