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Bonanza episode
“One Ace Too Many”
Season 13, Episode 26
#415 in Series
Air date April 2, 1972
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by Stanley Roberts
Directed by Lewis Allen
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While Ben's away in Carson City, his doppelganger, crafty and crooked Bradley Meredith, returns to assume his identity. His scheme to get his hands on the Cartwright's properties involves pretending "Ben" is seriously ill and selling off the Ponderosa a piece at a time.


In his second attempt to cash in on Ben's good name, crooked lookalike Bradley Meredith learns that the Cartwrights are in Carson City and, posing as Ben, pretends that he is seriously ill and begins to liquidate the Ponderosa's assets. The Cartwrights come just in time to foil Meredith's plans.

Cast and Characters[]

The Cartwrights[]


  • Victor Sen Yung: Hop Sing


  • William Bramley: Dan Fowler
  • David Cass: Deputy Coghlan
  • Jack Collins: Mayer Marlow
  • Gene Dynarski: Wheeler
  • Kate Jackson: Ellen
  • William Mims: Williams
  • Greg Mullavey: Jordan
  • Eddie Ryder: Clerk
  • Richard X Slattery: Henderson
  • Bill Zuckert: Mack Fowler
  • Harlan Warde: Osgood

Did You Know?[]

  • This is the last title card to bear the Bonanza reference. Starting with "Forever," the epsiode title would be superimposed over a scene in progress.

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