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Biographical information
Full Name: Parley
Occupation: none
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: American
Hair color: Salt and Pepper
Eye color: dark
Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Family/Relatives: none
Spouse none
Romances/Domestic Partners: none
Children: none
Appeared on:
First Episode: Springtime
Last Episode: Springtime
Portrayed by: John Qualen

Parley is a stubborn old squatter who lives at Jedediah Milbank's estate. Little Joe tries to fullfil Milbank's mission to drive Parley off the estate, but Parley outwits Little Joe. Anyway, Little Joe and Parley become friends. They even fish together.


Parley is a kind, warm-hearted, polite, placid and romantic man. He imediately likes Little Joe, though Joe isn't kind at him at all. He also cares for Milbank's estate though he doesn't receive any reward for it.

When he learns about Milbank's plans to sell the land to the railroad, Parley is disappointed. He sees the beauty in this land: a meadow with nice flowers and a creek and laughing at the white tailed deer that comes.

Joe becomes nervous and again tries to make Parley leave the land, but instead he is caught in one of Parley's bear traps. Parley laughs at the view and after giving Little Joe the advice to relax he helps him.

Later they fish together. Here again, Parley share his romantic views of springtime: they can forget about the rain, snow and winter and start enjoy living again. Joe scratches his head and tells him that he never thought of it that way.