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Bonanza episode
“Ponderosa Explosion”
Season 8, Episode 16
#251 in Series
Air date 1 Jan. 1967
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by  Alex Sharp
Directed by William F. Claxton
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Brothers Hoss and Little Joe are sweet-talked by a pair of con men into "investing" in a pair of "exotic" animals who are indeed prolific--they're common rabbits.


Joe and Hoss buy a couple of rabbits and scheme to make a mint selling rabbit skins. The softies, however, are unable to kill the cute little creatures, which are multiplying at a furious rate. Ben watches as his entrepreneur sons get knee-deep in rabbits.

Unfortunately, its Ben's birthday and the boys use their rabbit money to buy their Pa a gift. The present happens to be a panicky black stallion, and with the Ponderosa inhabited by countless rabbits, the horse runs away, tearing apart Ben's brand new saddle. Joe and Hoss loose their rabbits and their money associated with them.

Cast and Characters[]


Guest Stars[]

  • Chick Chandler: Nate Swanson
  • Phil Chambers: Storekeeper
  • Chubby Johnson: Clyde
  • Dub Taylor: Barlow


  • Ben's birthday occurs during the course of events in this episode.
  • Joe can speak Chinese.
  • German episode title: "Das ganz große Geschäft", meaning "The Big Deal".


  • Hoss: Joe, dadburnit, can't you do nothin' slow and easy-like?
  • Hop Sing: Little Joe. Mr. Hoss. Me not want rabbit get away. Save you two dolla'.