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Bonanza episode
“Rich Man, Poor Man”
Season 4, Episode 32
#132 in Series
Air date May 12, 1963
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by Richard P. McDonagh

Barbara Merlin
Milton Merlin

Directed by Lewis Allen
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Town laughing stock Claude Miller gets rich quick when he strikes a lode of silver. He plans to get revenge on all the townspeople who ridiculed him by buying out their mortgages. His plan falls apart thanks to his new partner, a shady deputy.


When Claude Miller is fired from his latest job, his girl and Little Joe scheme to help him regain his self respect by buying his worthless land.

When he involves his brother Hoss to buy some mining claims too, the prior owners blow it up and discover silver - as big as the Comstock lode! But new riches brings out those wanting to get rich too.

Cast and Characters[]

The Cartwrights[]


  • Betty Endicott: Brunette Townswoman
  • Bill Clark: Townsman
  • Bill Hickman: Harvey
  • Clegg Hoyt: George Thompson
  • Florence Sundstrom: Daisy Slade
  • Jay Lanin: Deputy William Slauson
  • John Fiedler: Claude Miller
  • J. Pat O'Malley: Clancy
  • Ken Drake: Clem Wilson
  • Ken Mayer: Tarbosh
  • Martha Manor: Blonde Townswoman
  • Phil Chambers: Assay Clerk



"Joe, Pa's right! You are plumb outta your mind!"
Hoss Cartwright[src]



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