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Salty Hubbard
Biographical information
Full Name: Salty Hubbard
Occupation: Storyteller, Sheriff of Sunville
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: -
Hair color: Blonde/Grey
Eye color: Blue
Born: -
Died: -
Family/Relatives: -
Spouse -
Romances/Domestic Partners: -
Children: -
Appeared on:
First Episode: Dead Wrong
Last Episode: Dead Wrong
Portrayed by: Arthur Hunnicutt

Personal Information[]

Salty arrived in Sunville fifteen years ago, when he arrived the town had more or less given up on itself. Salty felt that he had to give the town something and started telling tall tales to them and no matter how far fetched he kept telling the people of Sunville his stories and told them they were true despite being called a liar most times.

Salty's stories get the better of him when he decides to bring one of his stories to life. He reads the paper about a bank robber and tells everyone he knows the robber who is known as Big Jack. When Hoss and Candy arrive in town, Salty tells everyone Hoss is Big Jack and his lie spirals out of control when the town believes Hoss is Big Jack, unbeknownst to Salty the real Big Jack arrives in town to rob the bank.

To save Hoss from the town folk, Salty pretends to shoot Hoss thanks to Candy's plan and a bottle of ketchup. The real Big Jack believes that Salty is a professional gunfighter and doesn't want to mess with Salty.

Salty gets drunk from over indulging and Bobby Dan asks Salty to show them again how he did it, but when outside Hoss and Candy snuck back to town as well as Big Jack and his accomplice having just robbed the bank, think Salty's re-enactment is aimed at them so at the same time they step out leaving the whole town discombobulated. Salty realised what's happened and faints.

Upon coming to, Salty is embarrassed that the whole town knows he's a liar and he wants to leave town quietly. Hoss tells him to leave out the front since the town is waiting for him. Upon his exit Bobby Dan tells Salty he wants him to be the Sheriff of Sunville. Salty is shocked, Hoss made up an elaborate story to make it out that Salty was working for him to help apprehend the real Big Jack and that Hoss is in fact Detective Cartwright. Salty thanks Hoss and Candy before they leave and Salty heads to the saloon as the new Sheriff of Sunville.