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Sam Gordon
Biographical information
Full Name: Sam Gordon
Occupation: Prosecutor
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: -
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Born: -
Died: -
Family/Relatives: -
Spouse -
Romances/Domestic Partners: -
Children: -
Appeared on:
First Episode: Mark of Guilt
Last Episode: Mark of Guilt
Portrayed by: Alan Bergmann

Personal Information[]

Sam Gordon arrives in Virginia City as prosecutor in Little Joe's trial. He visits Joe in jail to enter a plea bargain of guilty to reduce his sentence to 10 years in a penitentiary.

He objects to Hoss' idea of using Hop Sing's chop method to prove Little Joe's innocence since it's never been done before and there's no legal precedence.

He also tries to sabotage Hoss' experiment with the jury to fool Hop Sing but is caught out. He objects again citing that the experiment was rigged.

Despite his objections, Sam is fair and will take on board advice given to him by the Judge.