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Season 5 on Bonanza premiered on September 22, 1963.


# Image Title Airdate
01 SWIB8 She Walks in Beauty September 22, 1963
Hoss falls under the spell of a beautiful shady lady from San Francisco and asks her to be his wife, believing his love can change her even after she tries to seduce his brother Adam.
02 Passionforj2 A Passion for Justice September 29, 1963
Renowned English novelist Charles Dickens comes to Virginia City to protest the city's newspaper serializing his latest novel without his permission. He's arrested and fined for his trouble. The writer refuses to pay the fine or defend himself, so his fans, the Cartwrights, come to his aid.
03 RainFromHeaven Rain from Heaven October 6, 1963
Virginia City is parched, but rainmaker Tulsa Weems will only practice his craft when he needs medical care for his daughter, Mary Beth. While Tulsa is cooling his heels in jail after threatening Ben with a gun, Hoss looks after the little girl; he doesn't know that Mary Beth is a carrier of typhoid fever.
04 262575 10150414059839498 34256529497 10272933 3624747 n Twilight Town October 13, 1963
After having his horse stolen, Joe is left to die in the desert heat. He passes out in a ghost town, but when he comes to, Martinville is full of eerie, ghostly characters who want to make him sheriff. They need him to fight off an outlaw they seem unusually terrified of. Joe agrees because of his affections for a cryptic young woman in the town.
05 ToySoldier9 The Toy Soldier October 20, 1963
Though he's a talented painter, James Callahan has problems. He's a drunk, and a social outcast because he's married to a Paiute woman. Adam does his best to get James out of his self-destructive funk and also has to fight off an Indian-hating ne'er-do-well named McDermott.
06 140aquestionofstrength A Question of Strength October 27, 1963
Hoss shares a stagecoach with two nuns. When theres a hold up, young Sister Mary Kathleen quickly hands over the money they'd collected for a hospital. Older Mother Veronica is displeased and tells the young woman she doesn't have what it takes for the Sisterhood. To prove her wrong, Sister Mary Kathleen goes to get the money back, with Hoss adding protection.
07 Clamityovercomstock Calamity Over the Comstock November 3, 1963
Trouble with a capital "T" that rhymes with "C" comes to Virginia City when Little Joe brings young Calamity Jane home to the Ponderosa after rescuing her from a deadly prairie raid.
08 JourneyRemembered57 Journey Remembered November 10, 1963
Ben finds an old journal that he kept while traveling in a wagon train from St. Joseph, Missouri westward to Ash Hollow. As he reads, Ben remembers the journey with his second wife, Inger, and his young son Adam. During the trip, Hoss is born.
09 Thequalityofmercy4 The Quality of Mercy November 17, 1963
Little Joe struggles with his conscience, trying to believe that his friend, Seth Pruitt, did the right thing after Seth admits to the mercy-killing of his fiancée's father when the man was in agony from a broken back and begging for death.
10 Thewaitinggame3 The Waiting Game December 8, 1963
Laura's husband, Frank, is killed and she decides to keep the news from their young daughter, Peggy. Adam promises not to tell the tot, and, in the meantime, finds himself falling in love with the young widow.
11 Thelegacy1 The Legacy December 15, 1963
Adam, Hoss and Joe mistakenly believe their father was murdered. They split into three different directions to confront the supposed killers. In his heart, Ben knows his sons will not act outside the law; but he is not 100% sure that Joe will behave correctly.
12 Hossandthelepurcanstitle Hoss and the Leprechauns December 22, 1963
No one really believes Hoss' fantastic story about the strongbox full of gold he shows up with. He claims it was given to him by leprechauns. Wherever it came from, it's enough to send locals on a wild treasure hunt for more. In a way, Hoss' leprechauns do exist; they're a band of little people from the carnival who have staged a rebellion against their shady boss, Professor McCarthy.
13 PrimeOfLife12 The Prime of Life December 29, 1963
Ben Cartwright doubts his fitness to run the Ponderosa when his impatience results in a logging camp accident that causes serious injury to himself and an old friend's death.
14 Normal TLCS-AJ-guests-1-kl The Lila Conrad Story January 5, 1964
Adam and Little Joe try to find a fair trial for a saloon girl accused of theft and murder, hiding her from a corrupt sheriff's lynch mob after she stows away in the back of their supply wagon, all while escorting a self-righteous, hard-nosed judge to Virginia City.
15 Cap4338 Ponderosa Matador January 12, 1964
While Adam relies on his charm and guitar to impress a visiting senorita, Hoss and Little Joe scheme to win her heart in a more south-of-the-border way...a bull fight!
16 Mysonmyson My Son, My Son January 19, 1964
Ben's plans to wed widow Katherine Saunders are jeopardized after her son is accused of murder.
17 Alias Joe Cartwright Alias Joe Cartwright January 26, 1964
Joe is mistaken for his look-alike Army deserter Angus Borden, and sentenced to face a firing squad. Sgt. O'Rourke knows Joe is innocent but intends to have the execution anyhow. Private Peters is made frantic trying to determine if Joe Cartwright is actually who he claims to be.
18 The Gentleman from New Orleans February 2, 1964
A Frenchman arrives from New Orleans claiming to the famed pirate and patriot Jean Lafitte. Wandering around Virginia City making his bold claims and generally being a pest, "Lafitte" lands himself in jail. Hoss posts his bail, convinced that the man is who he claims. Serious trouble arises when a man is stabbed to death and the weapon used is "Lafitte's" knife.
19 CheatingGame64 The Cheating Game February 9, 1964
Angry with Adam Cartwright for constantly criticizing her decisions and refusing to take the next step in their romance, Laura Dayton becomes easy prey for a handsome grifter.
20 Bullet4aBride18 Bullet for a Bride February 16, 1964
Joe blames himself after a ricocheting bullet from his pistol blinds a young woman and decides that the only way he can atone for the accident is to make her his wife.
21 Normal King Of The Mountain Hoss 6 King of the Mountain February 23, 1964
Hoss finds himself smack dab in the middle of a mountain family feud when he agrees to be the best man at ornery Big Jim Leyton's wedding.
22 LoveMeNot34 Love Me Not March 1, 1964
Ben's Pygmalion-like efforts to 'civilize' a young, white woman, raised by a neighboring Paiute Indian tribe, have an unintended result when, instead of choosing a husband from among the eligible young men he has rounded up for her, she falls in love with him.
23 Thepuretruth The Pure Truth March 8, 1964
When Hoss is set up to take the fall for a bank robbery in another town, the help of an eccentric gold prospector appears to be all that stands between him and the real bandit's bullet.
24 18. Adam & Roy Coffee--No Less a Man No Less a Man March 15, 1964
Certain that he is too old to stand against a notorious gang of bank robbers when news arrives that Virginia City will soon be next in a long string of successful raids, the terrified townsfolk demand Sheriff Coffee's resignation to make way for a younger lawman.
25 Return54 Return to Honor March 22, 1964
Ben gets word that his nephew Will has been murdered in nearby Pine City. As it turns out, Will has been shot and wounded while on the run from a counterfeiting gang that wants back the engraving plates Will has "appropriated" from them.
26 Sagaofmj The Saga of Muley Jones March 29, 1964
Muley Jones, a Cartwright cousin from Missouri, visits the Ponderosa. He proves a major disruption and headache for his relatives and unintentionally fouls up their negotiations with an Indian tribe.
27 Roper194 The Roper April 5, 1964
Will Cartwright is home alone when Army soldiers arrive at the Ponderosa with a prisoner named Hewitt. Not long after, Hewitt's men arrive and ambush the soldiers. When Will realizes the men are waiting for Ben to return so they can get the money from the safe, Will must come up with a plan.
28 APinkCloud1 A Pink Cloud Comes from Old Cathay April 12, 1964
A mix-up in his request for mail-order Chinese fireworks brings Hoss instead a feisty mail-order bride whose militant ideas ignite a workers' rebellion and threaten the completion of a Virginia City railroad project.
29 Companeros56 The Companeros April 19, 1964
Mateo Ybarra travels to the Ponderosa in the hopes he can enlist the aid of his old friend, Will Cartwright. Little do either know that there are those who are after him to take him back to Mexico for trial and others who don't want to wait that long.
30 EnterThomasBowers2 Enter Thomas Bowers April 26, 1964
A famous Italian opera singer is invited to sing at the local Virginia City opera house. One snag: he may resemble on paper a runaway slave they were just notified about; and some of the townspeople want him arrested or worse.
31 TheDarkPast The Dark Past May 3, 1964
Dev's line of work seems ordained given his past. When his quarry's wife turns out to be pregnant, he uses that to trap him, even if it might risk Little Joe's life.
32 ThePressureGame2 The Pressure Game May 10, 1964
Virginia City gossip and meddling Aunt Lil combine with unexpected attention from another Cartwright to complicate Laura Dayton's already fragile romance with Adam, especially when his preoccupation with Ponderosa business appears to be hiding an unwillingness to marry her.
33 Triangle Triangle May 17, 1964
Laura's and Adam's wedding plans begin to derail when another man's kiss puts doubt in Laura's heart and a bad fall from the roof of the house he is secretly building for their new life together lands Adam in a wheelchair.
34 WalterandtheOutlaws Walter and the Outlaws May 24, 1964
Hoping the clever canine will lead them to his master's gold, a trio of hapless outlaws plan to dog-nap Walter, Otis the prospector's best friend, after the old man goes on a brief vacation and temporarily leaves the pup with Hoss at the Ponderosa.

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