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Season 6 on Bonanza premiered on September 20, 1964.


# Image Title Airdate
01 Normal IoaG-MCwoA2 Invention of a Gunfighter September 20, 1964
Johnny Chapman comes to Joe to learn how to use a gun after being humiliated by the town bully. Joe doesn't see the deadly consequences that will follow when Johnny becomes a bounty hunter. Soon, Johnny's hired to shoot down his ex-girlfriend, Olive, and his teacher, Joe.
02 The Hostage September 27, 1964
Outlaws capture Ben and hide him in an abandoned mine, holding him for a $100,000 ransom. Ben quickly formulates a plan of escape by turning the kidnappers against one another.
03 Wild ones The Wild One October 4, 1964
Hoss wants a wild stallion for breeding. He's having second thoughts about the partner he chose until he meets his wife.
04 Normal guest 1 Thanks for Everything, Friend October 11, 1964
Tom Wilson saves Adam from drowning. This begins a friendship he starts to regret when Tom steals a girl from her longtime boyfriend, is found with her father's open strongbox and standing over his dead body.
05 LogansTreasure1 Logan's Treasure October 18, 1964
Sam Logan is released from jail after serving his twenty year sentence for stealing $100,000 worth of gold dust. He is followed by a bounty hunter who believes Sam will lead him to where the gold is buried.
06 Thescapegoat2 The Scapegoat October 25, 1964
Hoss rides up on Waldo Watson bungling yet another suicide attempt. He invites him home and the Cartwrights are wondering if they regret that as three men are trailing him and they mean to do him harm.
07 20024 - Bonanza A Dime's Worth of Glory November 1, 1964
An author is inspired to write about the heroic Cartwrights after watching first-hand as they fight off an attempted robbery of a stage. As Ben and Adam see no use for the glory of such a novel, they turn the writer down forcing him to turn to the sherriff who quickly accepts.
08 Normal SDS-MCwoA7 Square Deal Sam November 8, 1964
Scam artist "Square Deal Sam" Washburn comes to town and suckers the Cartwrights with a fake land deal. The con-man changes his shady ways and ends up staying in Virginia city to run an orphanage.
09 BetweenHeavanAndEarth Between Heaven and Earth November 15, 1964
When Joe and his friend Mitch go after a puma, Joe climbs a big peak and throws his gun up higher, intending to crawl up after it. But as he looks down, things begin to spin. He realizes he can't go any higher, and he retreats down the hill. Needing to prove himself, Joe spars against Mitch.
10 Normal OS-Mis Old Sheba November 22, 1964
As payment for a one night performance in a circus, Little Joe and Hoss are presented with "Old Sheba", a rather ragged elephant. They believe they can care for the creature, but encounter opposition from Ben and Adam. Ben takes the matter into his own hands and suffers comically for it.
11 A Man to Admire December 6, 1964
Knocked unconscious and framed for the murder of scheming rancher, Flint Durfee, Hoss Cartwright refuses his father's expensive lawyer and trusts his defense to new friend Whit Parker, a troubled trial attorney who is drowning his past in alcohol.
12 Underdog5 The Underdog December 13, 1964
Little Joe convinces Ben to hire Harry Starr, a half-Indian who is accused by other ranchers of being a chronic horse thief. Joe sets out to prove the others wrong, unaware that Harry is part of a gang plotting to take advantage of the Cartwrights' trust.
13 AKnightToRemember A Knight to Remember December 20, 1964
Arrested for robbing the stagecoach he was riding, Adam can't convince the sheriff that the real bandits were run off by a knight in shining armor who called himself...King Arthur!
14 The Saga of Squaw Charlie December 27, 1964
Charlie is an old Indian with only two friends: Ben and a young girl named Angela. Angela disappears and the townspeople who've always looked down on Charlie accuse him of killing the child.
15 Cap4337 The Flapjack Contest January 3, 1965
Hoss is entered into a flapjack-eating contest by Joe, who needs money to replace a ruby that was stolen from him. To insure a win, Joe puts an unhappy Hoss on a starvation diet, rigging up the kitchen with alarms to keep him away from the food. In the meantime, the boys' attempts to replace a broken window with a new pane of glass proves to be an impossible task.
16 TheFarFarBetterthing The Far, Far Better Thing January 10, 1965
Little Joe and his friend Tuck vie for the affections of pretty Lucy Melviney, a sheltered, naive young woman who soon puts all of their lives in danger when she chooses to believe that real life should mirror what she reads in the pages of her classic romantic novels.
17 0141 Woman of Fire January 17, 1965
Shakespeare-inspired Adam tries to tame a shrewish senorita while she waits at the Ponderosa for her never-met husband-to-be.
18 Ballerina2 The Ballerina January 24, 1965
A dancer and her father are taken in as guests of the Cartwright household. Hoss has decided the young woman with dreams of being a ballerina needs rescuing from dancing in saloons to the music her father fiddles.
19 TheFlannelMouthGun The Flannel-Mouth Gun January 31, 1965
After watching livestock disappear, the cattleman's association hires a gunman to determine who is behind the recent thefts and make them stop. Adam fears the move will cause nothing but problems, and he's proven right when one of the cattleman's wife is killed.
20 Hoss-birdman The Ponderosa Birdman February 7, 1965
Hoss goes above and beyond to help an eccentric, aging inventor and his overly-protective granddaughter realize their dream of manned flight.
21 Search The Search February 14, 1965
Adam's search for troublesome look-a-like Tom Burns lands him in the Placerville jail for two murders committed by Burns.
22 TheDeadliestGame1 The Deadliest Game February 21, 1965
While his troupe visits the Ponderosa, lonely, aging aerialist Guido Borelli hides his true feelings for his beautiful, young partner, Petina, but is quick to comfort her after a fistfight with her hot-tempered boyfriend, Carlo, lands Little Joe in jail for attempted murder.
23 Onceadoctor000 Once a Doctor February 28, 1965
A traveling medicine man who's running from his past as a doctor, encounters and befriends Hoss. The doctor must come to terms with what happened on an operating table when an angered widow hunts him down. The woman mistakenly shoots Hoss instead, forcing the ex-doctor to practice medicine once more.
24 RightIsTheFourthR19 Right Is the Fourth R March 7, 1965
Substitute teacher Adam Cartwright is unprepared for the violent resistance he meets when his research into the territory's history gets him too close to uncovering a long-buried Virginia City secret.
25 HoundDog Hound Dog March 21, 1965
The Cartwrights and their cousin Muley Jones tangle with feisty Tracy Ledbetter when she claims Cousin Muley stole her precious pack of baying bird dogs.
26 Trap000 The Trap March 28, 1965
Burk knew his wife was sweet on Little Joe so he devises a plan to get rid of him. When his plan backfires, his twin brother, a lawman, returns to marry the widow and get rid of Little Joe for good.
27 DeadandGone Dead and Gone April 4, 1965
Adam helps to clear a charming singer of a robbery charge,then brings him, and trouble, to the Ponderosa and Virginia City.
28 WhoWoreItBest6-1 A Good Night's Rest April 11, 1965
When Hoss' snoring, Adam's guitar playing and Little Joe's courting shenanigans keep a dog-tired Ben Cartwright awake, he rides wearily away from the Ponderosa to try to find a quiet room at the Virginia City hotel; but the wild, frontier town's chaotic night life soon makes him think he would have been better off back at the ranch.
29 LindaLawson To Own the World April 18, 1965
A rich tycoon who is known for destroying anything that stands in the way of getting what he wants, vows to have the Ponderosa, no matter what the cost.
30 Lothario Larkin April 25, 1965
31 Bonanza-the-return-200x200 The Return May 2, 1965
Trace Cordell, ex-convict, is back in Virginia City and unwelcome, especially by banker Paul Dorn who was crippled by Cordell. Now married to Trace's former girlfriend, Paul uses his pull to get Cordell out of the picture--permanently.
32 The Jonah May 9, 1965
A ranch hand who saves Hoss's life is offers a job on the Ponderosa, despite a rumor that he's a jinx.
33 The Spotlight May 16, 1965
The ladies on the Entertainment Committee want something a bit different for the town's anniversary celebration. They want a play or maybe Shakespeare. It's voted that Ben has the connections to find just the act the ladies had all ordered.
34 Father son~1 Patchwork Man May 23, 1965
Hoss meets 'Patch' while doing some menial labor in a deserted town. He invites him to work at the Ponderosa. Hoss soon learns the truth about his past and decides to help him if he'll let him.

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