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Shanklin is a charecter who appeared in the episode

Placeholder person
Biographical information
Full Name: Shanklin
Occupation: Former confederate surgeon
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: White
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Born: Unknown
Died: Shanklin
Family/Relatives: Wife and child
Spouse Wife (deceased)
Romances/Domestic Partners: Seee above
Children: Daughter (deceased)
Appeared on: Bonanza
First Episode: Shanklin
Last Episode: Shanklin
Portrayed by:

Shanklin in season 14.


early life[]

Not much is known about Shanklin’s early life. He was born in Missouri, then moved to DC to open up a medical practice. He then joined the Confederacy as a surgeon with Mr.Irons as his assistant. He learned much about surgery during the war. After the war he return to Missouri and married and had a child. The Yankee militia killed his wife and daughter. Then the stat of Missouri banned any former confederate soldier or sympathizer from opening a practice in Missouri. He then left with Mr.Irons and made a group of Confederate sympathizers.

The ponderosa[]

Shanklin and his men rode into the Ponderosa at the Start of the episode, they then start harassing Hop Sing. Hoss tries to attack Shanklin but Shanklin pulls a gun on him and shoots him, making a laceration of the femoral artery. Jamie grabs Hoss’ gun out of his holster and asked if Shanklin got a name. Shanklin replied: Names Shanklin, and shoots Jamie in the hand. When Ben arrives he tells him to get a sum of 10,000 in American double Eagles from the bank. Ben also gets the Doctor. Shanklin threatens that if he brings a posse or a lawmen he will kill Hoss. Ben tells Jamie not to tell Joe about this, as his short temper may get Hoss killed. Jamie tries anyway, and goes searching for Joe in Virginia City. Meanwhile, Doctor Ingram tries to help Hoss. He is about to amputate his leg but Shanklin stops him. After a while Shanklin looses faith in Doctor Ingram’s abilities and goes about preforming the surgery himself. he is almost done when Joe and Jamie bust in with guns, Ben tells them to back down. Once Shanklin finds out that Joe killed Mr. Ritter, he takes his gun and tells him to go for it, Joe does and they shoot it out, Joe wins and Shanklin dies.