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Bonanza episode
“She Walks in Beauty”
Season 5, Episode 1
#135 in Series
Air date September 22, 1963
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by William L. Stuart
Directed by Don McDougall
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Hoss falls under the spell of a beautiful shady lady from San Francisco and asks her to be his wife, believing his love can change her even after she tries to seduce his brother Adam.


Regan Miller, a woman whose incredible beauty has brought her nothing but failed romances, arrives in Virginia City to see her equally beautiful younger sister, Emilia, who abhors her for having stolen her husband. Now jaded on love, she uses men simply as pawns to get what she wants. Hoss falls for her charms, and doesn't acknowledge her past nor her true character. Regan flatters and flirts with Hoss, telling him lies, because she knows he comes from a wealthy family.

Adam, as Emilia does, knows all about her past with men. Adam tries to protect Hoss, and tries talking Regan into not deceiving Hoss about what she's really like. Regan tries to seduce Adam to change his mind about telling Hoss the truth. Hoss sees them kiss, and believes Adam is the seducer, but it was Regan who kissed Adam. When Adam returns home before the engagement party, Hoss confronts Adam. Adam tells Hoss the truth about Regan, but Hoss doesn't believe his own brother. Hoss proceeds to beat Adam mercilessly while Adam does little to defend himself. Ben and Joe hear the ruckus and rush in to get Hoss away from Adam.

At the party, Ben has a talk to Regan about the ruckus she had caused between Adam and Hoss. He even stated that the latter had nearly killed the former, thanks to her. Guiltily, Regan admits to Hoss that she is no better than a prostitute, and that the last thing he should do is love a woman of her kind.


The Cartwrights



  • Craig Duncan: Coach driver
  • Gena Rowlands: Ragan Miller
  • Jeanne Cooper: Emilia Miller
  • Phil Chambers: Mr. Amos
  • Robert Adler: Charlie


Did you know?[]

  • German episode title: "Eine Frau mit Vergangenheit", meaning "A Woman with a Past".



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