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A peace-treaty singing between the people of Virginia City and a Paiute Native American tribe is unknowingly in danger after a white supremacist and his henchmen plan to use a Gatling gun to commit a mass shooting, then pin the murders on the Paiutes.


Ganns is a white supremacist who harbors powerful hatred for Native Americans, and is determined to see that their race is 100 percent exterminated so that the white man can reign supreme. Upon learning that the U.S. Army and a Paiute tribe have brokered a peace treaty and plan a ceremony in Virginia City, the man's rage evolves into a plan to disrupt the ceremony by committing mass murder. (Ganns rage against Native Americans had been slowly building, and finally erupted when his son married a Paiute woman and got her pregnant; he had murdered them both some time earlier, before the events of this episode.)

Ganns and his henchmen, Graham and Hunter, murder two Army privates transporting a Gatling gun, and steal the equipment to execute their plan. They arrive in Virginia City, where they pose as reporters from the St. Louis Daily Journal, there to cover the historic treaty signing; they mark their boxes as having camera equipment and other equipment needed to do a reporter's job. Nobody notices anything is amiss until both Hoss and Sam Dawson (the editor of the Virginia City newspaper) notice subtle behavior in Ganns, along with inconsistencies in his story, and begins questioning him. Ganns reveals his true motives and, along with his henchmen, hold them hostage, intending on forcing them to watch the entire town being killed in a hail of gunfire.

In the end, another of Ganns' henchmen try to take Joe and Deputy Clem hostage, but Joe fights back (by smashing a door of the hotel into him). Ganns tries to buy time by using the Gatling gun to shoot at Joe, but Joe is able to take cover and, when Ganns has to reload, Joe uses the opportunity to shoot and kill Ganns, stopping his plan.

With Ganns no longer a threat and Graham and Hunter taken into custody to await federal charges of attempted terrorism, Joe and Hoss watch from the hotel room as Ben and U.S. Army officials, and Paiute representatives arrive and the ceremony begins. Joe sees Ganns' pocket watch and takes not of the time: 2:05 p.m. The two sides involved in the treaty were both late in arriving, and had they not been, the outcome would have been much different.

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