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Bonanza episode
“The Blood Line”
Season 2, Episode 15
#47 in Series
Air date December 31, 1960
Guest starring:
Written by William Raynor

Myles Wilder

Directed by Lewis Allen
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When 16-year-old Todd Grayson arrives from Boston to Virginia City, he is told that his father has been killed by Ben Cartwright. Ben shot Luke Grayson in self-defense, but Todd is too uncaring and stubborn to listen to this. The boy has only one thing in his head: to avenge his father by killing Ben Cartwright.


The son of Luke Grayson arrives from the East and learns from Dianne Jordan, a manipulative saloon girl, that Ben Cartwright shot and killed his father. Ben fired only in self-defense and feels badly for the young man. The venomous Todd Grayson vows revenge and recruits a professional gunman to get back at the Cartwrights.

Cast and Characters

The Cartwrights



  • Allan Lane: Luke Grayson
  • Dan Riss: Charlie
  • Dan White: Stagecoach Station Agent
  • David Macklin: Todd Grayson
  • Ed Prentiss: Minister
  • Jan Sterling: Dianne Jordan
  • Lee Van Cleef: Appling
  • Norman Leavitt: Bert
  • Thomas Browne Henry: Ab Jenkins


Did You Know?

  • German episode title: "Verzweifelte Rache", meaning "Desperate Revenge".
  • Pernell Roberts and Michael Landon do not appear in this episode. During the episode it is mentioned that Adam and Joe are away on a roundup with some of the hands.




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