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Bonanza episode
“The Bride”
Season 2, Episode 18
#50 in Series
Air date January 21, 1961
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by Richard Newman
Directed by Alvin Ganzer
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The Cartwright boys are shocked by the unexpected arrival of a beautiful young woman who claims to be Mrs. Ben Cartwright. But when Ben comes home to the Ponderosa that night, the new bride declares that he is not the man she married and the Cartwrights soon find themselves involved in what could become a fatal case of mistaken identity.


The Cartwright boys are surprised when a woman shows up on their doorstep claiming to be their father's new wife.

When Ben returns home, he's surprised, too.

Realizing the woman has been duped by a con man, the sons ride over to Crater Plains to confront the criminal and reclaim the woman's money. They don't realize they're riding into an ambush.


The Cartwrights


  • Adam West: Frank Milton
  • Hank Worden: Ned Birch/Old Miner
  • Herb Vigran: Bartender
  • John McIntire: Sheriff Mike Latimer
  • Mickey Simpson: Miner
  • Suzanne Lloyd: Jennifer Lane
  • William Mims: Ed Bailey


Did you know?[]

  • German episode title: "Die neue Mrs. Cartwright", meaning "The New Mrs. Cartwright".


"Oh, come on, Adam, calm down, will you? She hasn't done anything to you. Besides it isn't even your affair."
"Well, it's Pa's affair and that makes it mine and it should make it yours.
Little Joe to Adam[src]


"Ma’am, it takes our brother Adam a little longer to get used to things."
Hoss to Jennifer Lane[src]


"Until you boys came into my life, I was perfectly able to take care of everything."


"Pa, in the future, if you ever do decide to get married and send the bride home by herself, just do us a favor, will you?"
Adam to Ben[src]


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