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Bonanza episode
“The Burma Rarity”
Season 3, Episode 5
#71 in Series
Air date October 22, 1961
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by N.B. Stone, Jr.
Directed by William Witney
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A pair of con men try to swindle Widow Hawkins by selling her a "priceless" emerald known as "The Burma Rarity." Ben stages a scam to get her money back, but his plan backfires so badly that he may end up having to marry the widow to make things right.


Hoss hurries home for dinner and to hand the mail to Ben. Ben reveals the letter from an old friend introduces two businessmen who will be arriving soon in Virginia City. He hopes Ben can introduce them around town. Adam, Hoss, and Joe think the land buyers should stay at the best place in town, namely Widow Hawkin's boarding house. They encourage Ben to talk with her and make arrangements, knowing full well he doesn't want to get anywhere's near the widow, who has her eye on Ben. The brothers tease Ben about how the Widow Hawkins would like to spend much more time with Ben.

Ben insists Adam accompany him to the Widow Hawkins, who is only too eager to pull Ben into her home. After a hasty cup of tea, Ben makes his exit. Adam jokes about Ben and the Widow Hawkins. Ben just wants to get away.

Ben finds out that the land buyers are planning to sell a rare gem known as the Burma Rarity to finance the land deal. It turns out there is no land deal, only a scam to get the Widow Hawkins to pay $25,000 for a phony gem that was switched for the real gem Widow Hawkins was shown.

Ben feels responsible for the swindle since he was the one who introduced Widow Hawkins to the swindlers. Now Ben must work quickly to find the buyers who left town with Widow Hawkins $25,000. The swindlers soon realize they no longer have the real gem as someone swindled them.

Ben, Hoss, Joe, Adam and the swindlers chase after each other to find the real gem and those responsible. The swindlers are caught, the widow's money is found, and it turns out the widow had the real gem, which she had switched with the fake one when she realized she was about to be swindled. Ben is relieved that he can leave the Widow Hawkins, not owing her a thing.


The Cartwrights



  • Beatrice Kay: Clementine Hawkins
  • Charles Watts: Mr. Jefferson
  • Dave Willock: Phil Axe
  • Howard Wright: Insurance Man
  • James Griffith: Sam Pearson
  • Joan Staley: Blonde girl
  • Nestor Paiva: Chief Crazy Fox
  • Wally Brown: Henry Morgan
  • William Keene: Mr. Nagel


Did you know?[]

  • German episode title: "Der Smaragd", meaning "The Emerald".


"I'm with you every step of the way, Pa. Right down the aisle."
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