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Bonanza episode
“The Courtship”
Season 2, Episode 16
#48 in Series
Air date January 7, 1961
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by Richard Neil Morgan
Directed by James P. Yarbrough
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Hoss falls prey to the wiles of a beautiful woman with a gambling addiction and refuses to believe she's only interested in his money in spite of Adam's proof to the contrary.


Hoss and Little Joe travel to Sacramento to help the widow of an old friend of the Cartwrights. Hoss discovers that the widow is a beautiful young woman and immediately falls in love with her.

He brings the Widow Layton back to the Ponderosa, where Adam and Little Joe soon discover that the woman is in love with Hoss's money, not him, which she needs to fund her gambling addiction. When Hoss refuses to believe his brothers, Adam is forced to provide demonstrable proof in a Virginia City saloon.

Adam and Joe set up a fake poker game for Hoss' fiance. Adam even backs her with fake promissory notes. As the game is under way, and the Widow Layton is heavily in debt, Joe and Adam lead Hoss into the saloon where the poker game is taking place. Hoss can no longer deny the truth which he has seen with his own eyes. He takes his anger out on his brothers, although they did it for his own good.

Cast and Characters[]

The Cartwrights


  • Charles Tannen: Charlie
  • Julie Adams: Helen Layton
  • Lou Krugman: Jean
  • Lyle Talbot: Sugar Daddy
  • Marshall Reed: Hammond
  • Paul Dubov: Paul


Did you know?[]

  • German episode title: "Leichtes Spiel mit Hoss", meaning "Easy Play With Hoss".


"Hoss, you know there are some stores where ladies shop alone."
"Yeah...I don't reckon I thought about that.
Helen Layton to Hoss[src]



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