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Bonanza episode
“The Dowry”
Season 3, Episode 31
#97 in Series
Air date April 29, 1962
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Guest starring:
Written by Robert Vincent Wright
Directed by Christian Nyby
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A stagecoach carrying Alexander Dubois, his daughter Michele and her fiancé Don Ricardo Fernandez is held up. Her dowry is stolen and Monsieur Dubois is injured trying to get it back. The Cartwrights begin to grow suspicious of Don Fernandez and the way he seems to take all of this in stride.


As Little Joe looking is looking for a cow that escaped, he runs into a stagecoach and the driver offers to give him a ride to Virgina City. Passengers on the stage include Ricardo Fernandez, Michele Dubois, and her father, Alexander.

Bandits soon come upon the stage coach and steal the girl's dowry. Her father is shot trying to get it back. Joe brings them all to the Ponderosa where Dubois can recuperate from his wound. Joe soon falls in love with Michele. Adam and Hoss track the bandits and recover the dowry. Adam and Hoss show the chest of jewels to Ben, who realizes the jewels are fakes. He wants to keep it quiet until he can figure out what's going on.

Meanwhile, Ricardo and Joe get in a fist fight over Michele while Adam stands by and watches. He seems to be amused at how his little brother gets himself into trouble. He holds Michele back to let the situation play itself out.

During all this, the bandits break into the girl's father's room and steal the dowry again. Ben discovers this and is furious when he finds that Hoss was asleep, Joe was in a fight, and Adam was watching.

Alexander comes out of the ranchhouse and Ben explains that Ricardo was responsible for the stealing of the dowry because he really wasn't rich. Ben also explains that Michele's father had replaced the jewels over the years with fake ones to give the image of wealth. So everyone realizes that no one is rich and both men tried to fool the other.


The Cartwrights


  • Roy Engel: Dr. Martin



Did you know?[]

  • German episode title: "Mitgift für Miss Dubois", meaning "Dowry for Miss Dubois".
  • While filming outdoor shots at Iverson Ranch, two of the horses became stuck in the mud and fell into each other. While the animals were uninjured, Pernell Roberts suffered a sprain and Dan Blocker broke his collarbone. The remaining scenes was re-written to have Hoss sleeping, and he sported a sling the rest of the season. NBC sent down orders that the cast would not be allowed do anything remotely "dangerous" on the show.


"Can I kiss the bride?"
"I can't kiss the bride.
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