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Bonanza episode
“The Gentleman from New Orleans”
Season 5, Episode 18
#152 in Series
Air date February 2, 1964
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by William Bruckner
Directed by Don McDougall
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A Frenchman arrives from New Orleans claiming to the famed pirate and patriot Jean Lafitte. Wandering around Virginia City making his bold claims and generally being a pest, "Lafitte" lands himself in jail. Hoss posts his bail, convinced that the man is who he claims. Serious trouble arises when a man is stabbed to death and the weapon used is "Lafitte's" knife.


Credible Hoss meets a flamboyant, sword-brandishing drunk claiming to be none other than the notorious pirate Jean LaFitte. Believing LaFitte is who he says he is and remembering that history considered him a patriot for his aid at the Battle of New Orleans, Hoss chooses to treat LaFitte like a hero and invites him to the Ponderosa.

While skeptical Ben contacts old friends in New Orleans to try to verify his identity, LaFitte is accused of murder and Hoss must try to find not only the real killer but the answer to the question: who is Jean LaFitte?

Cast and Characters[]

The Cartwrights[]



  • Bern Hoffman: Bartender Sam
  • Betty Endicott: Brunette Saloon Girl
  • Bill Clark: Cowboy Helping Mr. Betts
  • Harry Swoger: Amos Whittaker
  • Jean Willes: Molly Travers
  • Joan Connors: Sal
  • John Dehner: Jean Lafitte
  • Sheldon Allman: Atty. Walter A. Betts



  • Molly fires Hoss' sixgun eight times without reloading.
  • Striking a diamond with a rock is not a good test for a diamond. Real diamonds are strong but brittle.
  • In the pilot episode Joe claims that his grandfather knew Jean Lafitte, but he never mentions that to his brother when his Hoss talks about Lafitte. (It could be that Little Joe was either bragging or it was a story his mother told him when he was a child.)
  • It was known that Ben sailed for many years. Then he should have known that Jean Lafitte was born around 1776 and died in 1823. Someone who sailed would have known a lot about Jean Lafitte since he played a big part in the War of 1812 and was a notorious pirate in those days. He was long dead by the times represented in Bonanza.




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