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Bonanza episode
“The Grand Swing”
Season 13, Episode 1
#390 in Series
Air date September 19, 1971
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by John Hawkins, Ward Hawkins, William Koenig
Directed by William F. Claxton
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"An Earthquake Called Callaghan"
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Against Ben's orders, Jamie drives a supply wagon on a route he's not supposed to; he loses control and wrecks the wagon. Jamie escapes uninjured but one of the horses is so badly hurt it has to be shot. To teach Jamie a lesson in responsibility, Ben decides to take his adopted son on an extended tour of the Ponderosa...


Jamie deliberately disobeys Ben's order not to drive the supply wagons. During his ride, the wagon goes out of control on a sharp curve and is wrecked. Nobody is hurt but a badly injured horse has to be put to sleep. Fearing punishment, Jamie decides to run away. Ben takes him on a tour of the Ponderosa, namely to see how others handle their mistakes in positive and negative ways.

Cast and Characters[]

The Cartwrights[]



  • Charlotte Stewart: Betsy Rush
  • Med Flory: Clint Rush
  • Ted Gehring: Harlow Trapp
  • Ralph Moody: Tall Pony
  • Raymond Guth: Bill Cooper
  • Lane Bradford: Jake Rasko
  • Bill Shannon: Charlie Trapp
  • Mary Mayumi: White Squirrel
  • Chuck Bail: Kale
  • Duane Grey: Sheriff Snell

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