Bonanza episode
“The Hopefuls”
Season 2, Episode 5
#37 in Series
Air date October 8, 1960
Guest starring:
Written by E. Jack Neuman
Directed by James Neilson
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Summary[edit | edit source]

Adam, Hoss, and new friend Sam Board act as escorts for a wagon train of Quakers who are heading to California to purchase land for their settlement. While Adam falls for the group leader's daughter, Reginia, Board plots to rob the group of its life savings.

Plot[edit | edit source]

A wagon train of Quakers from Ohio are passing through town heading to Slaytersville. Adam tags along as he is smitten with the leader's daughter. Little does he know that the man he just befriended in town has eyes on the gold they're carrying to their promised land.

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Did you know?[edit | edit source]

  • German episode title: "Land für Daviens Leute", meaning "Land for Davien's People".

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