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Bonanza episode
“The Initiation”
Season 14, Episode 3
#418 in Series
Air date 26 September 1972
Production code
Guest starring:
Written by Douglas Day Stewart
Directed by Alf Kjellin
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When a initiation to a secret club goes wrong and Jamie is caught in the middle. He must decide, will he turn his back on kin for the sake of a friend or trust what he knows is right and risk losing a friend?


Jamie and another boy Sonny are both initiated the same night to a secret boy club. Jamie does fine but small, sickly Sonny dies in the process. The leader, Ted, of the club is orphaned with a criminal record and fears that the law will blame him. The other boys promise to keep quite but when an innocent man may die, all Jamie and the other boys know to be true is put to the test. Will they listen to Ted or follow the truth? And will they decide before its to late?  


The Cartwrights[]

Recurring Characters[]

Guest Stars[]

  • Ronny Howard: Ted Hoag
  • Ed Bakey: Lumis
  • William Bramley: Lumis
  • Biff Elliot: Harley Lewis

Other Cast[]

  • Sean Kelly: Josh Adams
  • Nicolas Beauvy: Ron Lewis
  • Jeff Smart: Sonny Moeller
  • Jimmy Van Patten: Corky Sibley
  • Al Barker, Jr: Billy Newton
  • James Chandler: George Adams
  • Pitt Herbert: Mr Cropin
  • John Zaremba: Judge
  • Ivor Barry: Preacher
  • Sam Jarvis: Bailiff
  • William Challee: Stableman
  • Harry Basch: Prosecutor
  • Jim Moore: Ray
  • Phyllis Love: Miss Griggs